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Thursday, August 23, 2007'♥


If you haven't realised, yes, I'm up the mountain for the past few days... This time round, it's damn stressful.

I've cried, i've throw tantrum, and i even feel like killing da bao...

So you know, how damn stress i am for the past few days.... And to add on the pressure, I'm sick for the first two days, diarrhoea + giddy= Super Duper Sick...

I can't focus and concentrate... at nite i keep waking up... yesh that's how cham I am... all thanks to the wonderful subject call... BUSINESS FINANCE!!!!

Yesh, i'm not very gifted in Mathematics, my brain is damn slow when it comes to Numbers, and i can't analyze things... And as wad Shi fu (master) said, lao niang is... 功明有限...gong ming you xian... (dunno wad it means?? Check the dumb dictionary ba) its damn true, i need to put in super duper extra effort in order to understand a very easy pri 5 can understand question...it's damn pek chek.

Sorry if i took a good damn half a day to reply all ur msges, coz i am too pek chek solving all the finance questions hahaha...

Oh ya, I've been bothering Mr Bullshit everynite.... complaining to him, asking him to sing, and let me scold him... yest nite i even asked him to tell me a bedtime story before i would go to sleep.... i tink he nearly pengz..and once he saw my phone no on his screen, he must be feeling glittery..

Nothing cheers me up for now.. not even Mr bullshit and da bao....

Ms Yap just came my house, yesh she's sick too.. All thanks to stupid Finance..we are all damn stress....argghhhh

Enough of all these complaints..i need to go back to my mountain and continue on my wonderful adventure in my Business Finance...

Short Note: Argghhhhhhh, give me a break man...

With Love, 5:15 PM

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