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Friday, August 10, 2007'♥

High and Low...

My life has been pretty rush these few days...Rushing from here to there...there to here... i have contribute alot to SBS Transit the past few days though.Perhaps I should start directing RUSH HOUR 4

On wed morning, Went swimming with Selyn, it's so nice to swim in the condo, and it's even better when it's weekdays and no one was swimming too. We had the pool to ourselves only at a latter part, more ppl join in and off we went to the Suana. 62 degrees is enough to make me sweat like i just bathed.

After the swimming session, we went home and deposited our stuffs before we went to school for 3-5pm... Vivian got her scholarship, therefore it's her turn to treat us.... WE opted for a treat at Tian Fu...

Yesh, they have kanna the influence by me... We ate from 6.45 to 8.45...With 8 plates of wantons if i nv added wrongly. JX must have had a phobia of wantons after tat... As usual Ms Selyn was happily savoring her dong gua, Vivian with her potato slices and JX with ??? Pls fill in the blank Ms vivian, see whether ur observation good anot...

It's the eve of National Day, and we ended our day quite early coz we are dead beat after the morning exercise.


Two years ago on National Day my fren gave birth to Charlotte on National Day. I remembered her calling me at midnight telling me she was admitted to the hospital but still waiting for Charlotte arrival.

The next thing i woke up, I got myself a God-daughter...

Went to their house and waited for the sisters to makeup while i was there chatting with their mum and playing with Charlotte.

I bought Charlotte a dress and a drawing board.

A pity the dress is abit too big, which in my mum's case Thinks it's DAMN SMALL..(by comparing me in the past with Charlotte) I knew it...It's different case... I'm so full of nutrition, abit sad though my Charlotte is getting slimmer.

The adults then went to Vivocity for our lunch cum breakfast and shopped around before we proceeded to their Elder Sis Shermaine House at another ulusamy place call Meyer Lane or whatever.

We took a cab to the place, while on the ECP we managed to see the large amount of crowds who attended the NDP...a big patch of RED...it's so nice to have the ceremony by the floating stage...the surroundings filled with nice tall buildings... too bad the uncle drive quite fast didn't managed to take pics of that.

Shermaine whom I often addressed as Ah leng jie was a great host, there was so much food, but due to our late lunch i onli ate 2 chk wings, and a kong ba pau. She tot it's her cooking that spoil my appetite. -__-

Photos time:

Look at how slim she is....

Look at this ger, she just dun wan to look in the camera for the whole nite, I chased her around the house only to get a few shots of her looking into the cam..so naughty -___-

Best thing is...She fights with her cousin for the motor....When the bike is his in the first place..WELL DONE...

Fight win liao then want to look into the camera lah... but she stills dun wan to smile...Well done....

Even sing birthday song for her, she still dun wan look into the camera...The whole night nobody managed to get a single photo of her cutting birthday cake, or blowing the candle... coz......

She is crying all the way hugging her nanny... faintz ... My little girl is so naughty yest....So I shall shift my focus to......

Julien Boy....He is Shermaine's boy and he is the direct opposite of Ms Charlotte...So guai and cutttteeee...

While his mum was bathing and his maid was busying tidying the house, I helped to look after him. He won't climb here and there like Charlotte. I just hugged him and tell story to him. Let him played with my hp while playing the Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars. At that moment I wished to kidnap him home hahaha... he is so guai lah...

Yah yah yah i'm biased at that moment lah.. .until zhen noticed and say...

"Good lor, if my Charlotte and Julien fell into the sea u would save Julien rite?"
I replied: "No Ur Charlotte no need me to save, she will climb on the coconut tree and survive." hahaha

Chatted with Zhen's ITE classmates, seems that we will see each other's once a year during Charlotte's bd, her bd is like their class reunion. All guys no girls, but they are quite funni...we just chat and laugh the night away.. But they are very wu sim lah.. coz one of them works at Jurong Island too and he rushed all the way here..

Below two (Siwei and Bingjie) still single, anyone interested??

We shall see each other next year again ba.....lolz...


Started my day with a role play presentation, and we had a guest in appearance...guess who????

It's my ke ai de DA Bao... He got a role in our roleplay...too bad that i did not charge the batt properly and we can't use the cam to record every thing down...

As usual Lao niang acted as the villian...this time THE FIRST FEMALE LOAN SHARK IN THE SOUTHEAST REGION... mai siao siao hor...

It's fun to act in roleplay...lolz.. we even had our own Casino in the class..thanks to Selyn who drew out the DA XIAO thing haha...

I have proven myself to be dai sai again...

Boss won two dvds players and we are supposed to go down to a ulusamy place near Genting Lane to collect. Luckily Ms Vivian's Dad works nearby, he drove us there...

We were searching high and low for #01-105D... COOOOOOLL it's nowhere to be found, we asked around and a KIND guy told us it's closed down... WELL WELL DONE!!!

So we called our boss, and he said oh ya there's an email stating that we should go to the Headquarter's to collect.

So we took a very long bus journey to Pickering St hoping to get the stuff. BEST PART



Called our boss again...and he said oh ya he checked again and it's next week. COOOOOOOLLL Y can't he checked the email once and FOR ALL .

So we are abit pissed off... actually not a bit... but alot (MS Adele pls dun leak this out to him if not i will Chokeslam u X2)

We walked handicappily (there's no such word) to People's park... Vivian sprained her ankle, My little toe was screaming in pain due to the pointed shoe and Ms Yap had a heavy bag... We were all very tired so we all ended our day early.

Dai Sai rite?

I had in mind a new name to change, but first ting first i need to find CONSULTANT for the name hahaha...

Oh ya something to praise abt at least... I was on Bus 12 on my way home, the driver is super duper friendly, I saw from his collar he got alot of badges, which meant he's super duper good in customer service.

Can u imagine, he greeted everyone for around 25 stops for that one hr plus journey? and he even said bye bye to u if u alight.

HE IS SO GOOD, and have passion in his job.

I really admire his attitude, so different from some others bad drivers out there...

We often remember the bad but not the good, so i tink if someone did something good, we must praise and compliment them. The person might not know it, but at least it's the heart that counts... WELL DONE UNCLE!!! Bus no 9819 if I'm not wrong....You made my day...whoopie...
My life is not high at all currently, I need to add some "High" into it...any ideas where to get "high"

I'm so bored until i decided to.....


梦醒时分(陈淑桦 )

















Short Note: I wish it was like what it stated, I dun mind sacrificing everything just for that extra happiness.

With Love, 7:25 PM

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