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Saturday, August 18, 2007'♥

Grey Skies....

The day started with grey skies across the horizon... My day started out grey too.. probably because of my imbalanced hormones... which resulted in a grey mood for the first half of the day....

It's so called the last day of this term, going to change class again next semester.... Fen fen li li, is so common in life...I'm so used to this kind of change. Only true ones will continue to stay in the heart, the rest shall be passer-by.

ten more days to exams... WELL DONE.. this last two days i will wrapped up all the activities...and on Monday i will be up on mountain le.....Da bao is so sad that I'm going up the mountain, as he can't go out anymore le...


Yest nite, i had a Marriage Preparation course by the church at Clark Quay. Not I signed up de, it's compulsory for my cg to attend. So if you have a wedding to come, pls tag me at the tagboard, I can send u the wedding preparation guide. It's quite useful...make sure u won't miss out any single thing for ur wedding.

Ah Ber i have reserved ONE COPY for u le...muahaha

After my course, i waited for ah ber to come pick me at Central. It's a birthday celebration of the TFT's members.

Shenton Way Partyworld.....Guess whose the birthday girl and boy?

It's Alex, Weixiang and Meifong (Ivan's Gf)

Yeah finally saw Meifong after hearing that she is very on in Zouk...next time can go chiong with her haha.

The Ktv room yest is huge...I tink we can even put Sleeping bag and camp there if we wants too...we need to shout across and talk...and on one incident, i even called ah ber to tell her something..coz too noisy and big liao...Until Mr JERRY passes us the walkie talkie they used on sites...so lame -____-

While waiting for our songs, what we can do is to take photos....ah ber's camera FLASH is so Liang...until our eyes cannot take it man...

Some of them left early, coz they were quite tired... left 10 plus of us to 881 yo ah yo...

No lah we never yo, but the room besides did, itheir hokkien techno songs are non-stop de... and i guessed is those Hei She Hui Lao Da... hahaha for once i hoped to change room lolz...

Couples Time...

kenji and ber... He always wear so formal when got celebration.. pls wear a suit and Tie for my birthday..thanks mauhahaa...

New couples: Mr Ivan and Meifong...Mr Ivan is a cold joke Guru...lol

Third Couple of the day : Mr Black and Ms Sandra

Wanna Wish Sandra A Happy Belated Birthday.....

Didn't know they would be here... yeah, Ms Sandra is my dear cousin Silvia's polymates... The link very long hor... haha She is my cousin's best fren I guessed. During my sec sch days, everytime after school i will see them at tamp mall. Coz they poly got break. And my dumb cousin would always say this is my Ah lian cousin...thanks she is so KIND.

WE chatted abit. It's nice to see someone u know from another group of frens...And we both smsed Silvia but she TOOOOOOOK such along time to reply...must be busy dating huh?? haha Thanks to Mr Black who sent me and Wendy home yest. :)

While waiting for his songs....

Mr Winnie the Pooh actually dozed off... So CUTE RITE... hahaahaha.. i admire him for being able to fall asleep at such a noisy environment... lolz

Wendy and ber must be very high from the Cordon Bleu from the dinner before..that they started doing this:

Thanks to Mr Ivan.. he said this looks like JIU WEI HU....argghhhh

Thanks lei...machiam those ghost backview....

Love you guys...:)

Our adventure shall starts again after my mountain period....

Didn't upload all the pics... Too lazy liao.. for more info pls visit ah ber's blog...

Short Note: Struggling for decisions....

With Love, 3:32 PM

Lover ♥

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