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Thursday, August 16, 2007'♥

Baobei's Stayover...

Wanna Wish Ms Tupperware See a Happy 21st Birthday... Oh man... You're finally of legal age.. how time passed when we were both cycling on a tricycle at Outram Park?? Hey girl, I command you to be happy to... for the next 365 days... wohooooo... Meet up after my exams k... You still owed me one MAMBO nite...lolz...

Yest was Mr J's birthday... Well.. AGE part i shall not revealed...all i can say is... his zodiac is a very special Animal hehe...

Hope u like the gift, it's a small gesture... :)

Oh ya.. Yest nite.. I got three guests to stayover at my room... and Da bao is so excited about it... He didn't close his eyes the whole nite... too happy liao.. muahaha...GUESS WHO???

Yes yes yes!!! All the baobei are here.... under my custody , the cruel owner abandoned them..hehe just jking lah.. the owner is kind enough to lend me the baobei's so that da bao is not so lonely...

This is a pic of them chatting happily together...One happy family hehehe... Can u identify which one is da bao, erbao and xiao bao??

They even... Slept together....!!!!

They looked so lovely can?? Sorry for the low quality of the pics... THEY ARE NOT GREEN actually.. only turty is muahaha.. I guessed i don't mind a new hp?? Any kind soul wanna donate to my new hp funds??

Oh ya.. so they slept together throughout... can u identify which one is dabao??


Had my French Speaking Test this afternoon, we are doing on a topic on Cafe..

So I'm the waitress and Pat is the tourist... There's this scene i was killing the mosquitoes..and i accidentally spilled the water on pat.

It's so funny... My French Tutor was asking me why am i so bad to do that to Pat... I told him i was revenging muahaha.. No lah I so kind will do that meh?

And guessed what.. he took the Mosquito(racket) whatever as a souvenir...-____-

Haish.. so fast my Basic French had ended le.. I loved this subject alot.. coz my tutor is funny.. and if i got a chance in future.. I want to learn more about it.. Their culture is something i liked, worked for only 35hrs a week, 5 week of National Holidays WHO DON"T want u tell me... hahaha... I want to visit France if I had a chance... I'm going to work hard for tat.. SERIOUSLY I MEANT IT muahahahaha


Hostel 2 plot is not so nice as Hostel 1.. but it's more gross which i loved it...

Accompanied my dumb fren to buy his new O2 Xda Atom Life just now.

Ya now can yaya liao lah.. can online somemore...I hate u...Oh ya if u ever come across my blog, Mr Dedy i tink it's time to change urs too muahahahaha (evil laughs) dun always says i'm the one who spoilt ur dumb phone.

Countdown three more days to Mountain Top....haish....

Short Note: Nothing to left behind...

With Love, 9:48 PM

Lover ♥

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