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Sunday, July 08, 2007'♥

Sweet 18

It's so nice to be 18. You are allowed to enter Clubs or pubs (though i went clubbing since 15 years old.), You are able to buy cigarettes and alcohol (No, No, No, I dun encourage this), and the best of all is... YOU'RE still young.

How I wished I'm still 18. Shiet, that's five years ago... Talk abt how time passes so quickly, this is the best evidence.

Anyway yesterday I attended a friend's 18 Birthday BBQ and he is none other than, Junxiong aka Xiong Ge. He's the one and only guy in our clique in school. Got to know him well only this year. Not a bad chap and i can foresee great future in him haha. Not a bad catch. TOO bad, he is Vivian's BEST FRIEND hahahahhaa.....oops.

Went to Joyce's house after my church serv
ice. I felt like a princess yest, my cab fare was sponsored and the best part is.. once i reached there, the food is ready for me muahahhaah... Thanks my dear Vivian, She helped me carry back my books on Friday cause I went to Clarke Quay, in addition she brought the books over yesterday, despite having to carry the birthday cake. Opps..I owe u one.. haha

Oh ya talked abt Joyce's house, it's one of the "bird dun shit place" one of the "ulusamy" place that i went to in my whole life. Can u imagine, the uncle also dunno where..and we were circling around the Changi prison, Mariam Walk, Flora Road before we saw Jln Batalong.. and the best part is, it's not at Jlb Batalong, it's at Jln Chelangi. The uncle tot that my fren is playing a prank on me and it's damn errie hahaha...

But anyway I managed to see two mad woman jumping up and down waiting for my arrival.lolz.. Enough said, photos time.

This is Joyce and her ulusamy house...But thanx anyway for letting us hold the bbq. :)

These are some of the food we bought from Shieng Shong the day before....

This is Jessica heating up the curry...Yummy curry!!..Kudos to her mum!!

This is Ms Selyn Yap, Maria of the day.....

Yummy (Miam Miam!! in french) chicken wings Kudos to Selyn's mum and I love City Satay...woohooo...

Tp Rocks!!! hahaha..so Lame... opps forgot Mr Nel is in army so He's out hahahaha

Guess which one is Vivian??

Jessica Barbecuing....

I eating... So contradicting rite... hahahaa

The birthday Boy... Happy 18th Birthday Xiong Ge.

Erm...What kind of expression is this?? haha

"BEST Friends" ahem...

All of us.....

No flash wor....

Oh Last but not least.. my zi lian pic...How can forget not to zi lian... lolz

Enjoyed myself yesterday nite..though it's just a simple bbq, but i guess hanging out with frens, chatting and eating is quite an entertainment..

That's how I spend my 07.07.07......Two years down the road 09.09.09 I hope it will be my wedding banquet...hahahahaaha... Would it ever happen?? I doubt so....maybe i should just grab any kind soul by then and beg him to marry mi...lollllzz...

Got to cook dinner for dad and myself...Mum's enjoying herself at BATAM...Eating SEAFOOD..hmphhh... I hope to see J.Co when she's back later tonite....

Short Note: Competing is tiring....

With Love, 3:37 PM

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