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Monday, July 30, 2007'♥

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.....

One of the subject i hated this sem is Sociology...I never attend the lectures and i hated the tutorials... not to mention the dumb project....

But one thing I learnt though which caught my attention was... Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Adapted from the book...

Self-fulfilling Prophecy - produce behaviour described by others and believed in themselves that they're one of a kind which gives more reason from the continued discrimination

Although for my case it's not that serious which leads to discrimination.. But I'm starting to discriminate myself.

I don't understand Why am I so Dai sai? There will always be unexpected incidents that will happened... So much until I'm able to write a book on my Dai Sai Life...

As if being daisai is not enough, it even drag my friends or cousins down together with me......

Believed it a not.. I'm Dai Sai... Orite.. Ms Han and Ms Tupperware.. no more pushing the blame to you all... Coz I truly believed now I AM DAI SAI....

Haiz ( takes a deep sigh).... Dunno what to do about it....How to get rid of Dai Sai ness? Who Knows??

Anyone know any Good fortune teller to recommend??

I seriously need to flip the Yellow Pages soon....

Short Note: Hurhurhur.....

With Love, 12:53 AM

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