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Sunday, July 01, 2007'♥

Eve of GST Hike...

You can see everyone chionging to buy those expensive or luxury goods. Ppl are queuing for Tvs, Microwave, GUESS bag, SK2..blah blah... The malls were so packed with ppl.. not to mention the Taxi Stand.

Govt gave me $250 so i decided to buy something nice for myself. Went over to the Shiseido counter and bought the cleansing fluid and concealer. Bo bian, old liao need to maintain and bao yang le... not pretty liao so need all these to make up for it hahaha. We were being psycho to take up the membership.. so i indirectly force Chel to buy something so that we can have the member card...and she bought the moisturizer...To our disappointment, the member card is damn bo liao one lah... no discount, onli accumulate points. But the points not use to redeem any of the products but dunno wad boliao hamper or package... FAINTZZZZZ...but in order not to remain too cheapo..we act as though it' s no BIG deal..and says..aiyah we dun need discount one lah.. - _-

After service, fellowship with my cg members..yah everytime alot of ppl then i go out.. this time i fellowship onli a few of them there..sianzzz.. suppose to meet ah ber jie for dinner.. but she meeting Kenji to pak tor with TFT i guess... so i tot of going home and be a good girl to do all my quiz....

Me and Chel was walking to hail a cab...when suddenly we have this idea..of NOT GOING HOME...we had the cravings of DARK DEVOTION from TCC...and the outlet we knew which open so late were Clark Quay. So the very enthu us we CQ. So long nv have this feeling of walking in CQ, it's so lively at nite...We were like prisoner just set free, sibeh high haha...

Decided not to end our night so early, we went around searching for somewhere to go and countdown for GST hike...hahahahahhaha..then I sawthe bouncer at 1NiteStand again. That time, he asked me go in before, so this time we went in and it's the BEST CHOICE ever...It's so FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

There's a live band, and the crowd there is so high, no matter who u are, how u look JUST DANCE!!!! Ordered my fave Apricot Brandy and off we went to the dance floor, the songs are my fave... RETROOOOOOOOO and POP songs... OH MY.. i tot i won't find back this kind of pub tat suits me liao ever since Chinablack and Devils Bar closed down...The angmohs were so High too, no matter how old they are... they are still so loving and fun...we just basically dance with anyone there...hahahaha...

As what Ms Tupperware had said before.. The SEE family loves to dance away their problems through dancing...it's damn true.. when ur dancing, u relax and let go everything....Both of us were so High even though we nv drink much...

And before the end.. I saw Mr Z there, so fun lah... reminiscing those time when were young clubbing together... Oh my... I suddenly miss Audrey....hahaha.. my clubbing khakis...Once in awhile club is so fun..

Ended the nite with the song, "I'm horny, horny horny..." and then Three rabbits girls and a hunk with short tights came and dance...CENTRE of attractions lei...too bad we got to go not time to ka jiao them haha...

Didn't know that me and Chel can be so crazy, we alway go clubbing unexpectedly..this is not the first time liao...

My feets are aching now, and tmr Ms Christine asked me to go MS with her... i can foresee that I won't be wearing heels and it will be damn tiring...but bo bian..... she just broke up i need to be there for her..what are frens for rite??

Laoniang got to go pei da bao le... it's been one long day since I sayang him.... Byezzzzzz

Short Note: Be without You...

With Love, 2:46 AM

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