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Thursday, July 12, 2007'♥


This is to inform that Mrs Tea would be away from 13-15 July 2007 to Genting with her beloved cousins and frens.

During this period, the following blogs will be left vacant too.. as they are on holiday with Mrs Tea


We are sorry that we would not be able to update first-hand news live from Genting. But we promised to do so once we are back.

Meanwhile feel free to read through our Archives and indulged in MEMORIES ....

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Yours Sincerely



It's 12am now and im still now asleep. Got to reach the coach terminal at 5.30am, which means that I would need to get up at 3.30am...Well done...

Calls after calls never ending tonite...

Thanks to MR TY who helped me in one of my project. He's so kind to teach us these Computer-idiot. He called me just now to ask me some issues regarding my project.

Ty: Eh, so what would u be doing this weekend?
Me: I'm going Genting this morning
TY: What? Repeat again
Ty: What the shit! ur going GENTING and I'm slogging here for ur project?
Me: Haha, dun say like dat lei
Ty: You are damn powerful, so busy with projects still can go holiday
Me: I'm going Genting to find Ideas for my Project hahaha
TY: Try harder....
Me: haha I need to destress as u can see
TY: With my Uni project + ur proj.. I guess i shld be the one
Me: Aiyah at the most buy back something for u lah...
TY: That sounded better

I feel bad seriously asking him to help me rush my proj while he was rushing his own too...BUT TOO BAD hahahaha who ask him to be one of my best buddy lol....

Received a SOS call from Ms Lim, at 11pm sharp... I almost drifted off to my dreamland... Who needs a 24-7 Counselor.. Pls call me at 9383XXXX faintz... Now I'm so tired until i can't sleep well done....

Seriously...What are Friends For??

Short Note: Lala Land.....

With Love, 9:42 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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