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Sunday, June 24, 2007'♥

Weekend actions...

Friday went back school to do MBS project. Was at the bus-stop waiting for Vivien, when we saw two of our ITE lecturers. We were so happy to see them.. chatted with Mrs Cheong for awhile and she is still as blur blur and funny, asked abt the other lecturers and sadly to say Mr Erick Chua is now at ITE Tampines... Recalled back the times in ITE...it's really fun, the lecturers are more friendly and more close to us...We can joke, eat and go out together wi
th out lecturers... Unlike Poly where u onli know a tutor for a sem or two and after tat they do not teach u all anymore...

Mrs Cheong asked us to register for the Alumni Event which cost $40...Me and Selyn were still thinking.. coz it's quite exp... but on the other hand there might be golden turtle in the midst of the party hahaha.. no lah.. it should be a good time of gathering... SO all ITE graduates ...MR KENJI LIM and friends and my 7 sisters.. do make it if ur are free.. When Mrs Cheong send me the email i tink i will post up the details.

Went Cheers to buy our lunch (cup noodles) and i saw this:

So long nv see or rather eat Pushpop le... xiang dang nian when it was first introduced all the kids wanted it lah.. it seems so COOL to own one... I love the CHERRY flavour the most.. it cost $0.85 so Exp lah.. last time i remember onli 50 cents i tink hahaaha..

Pushpop reminds me of ..RINGPOP... I so so so so so so crave for it now.. But just can't find it anywhere... anyone has any idea where to get it?

If a guy buy me this and propose I dun mind lah... so sweet hahahaha....

Our main purpose of the day was to attend the Shiseido Workshop held by Business School. Each pax $2 i tink it's qutie reasonable lah... too bad we can't have hands-on only can see them make up f or the model. But overall it's quite useful lah...


Besides the armpit which will produce an ordour... Which other body part will??

You must have guess the ear, the neck, the mouth, the nose... WRONG WRONG WRONG!! It's Actually....

*Drum Rolls*


Dun ask me why coz the consultant also dunno herself..but it has been proven...OMG!!! I pity u guys..opps..

Took back some of the freebies..but all samples lah.. the shimmering lipstick and moisturizer is not bad.. can invest...lolz...


Had a small BBQ session at my church member house... it's quite fun lah.. except that I do not need to BBQ the stuffs..and my Xiao Di is always there to refill my cups... I just loved to be with the same cg as AMOS!!!! He is my partner in action...wohooooo...and Marshmellow dip with honey and BBQ is damn Delicious!! pls try that next time....

Sat nite is Fisherman Nite again... My church members hear until sian liao.. everytime say i Fisherwoman.. Me ah ber and Wendy were like Hungry Ghost... bo bian lah..we all onli take lunch and no dinner.. so we ordered Kangkong, Deer meat with Kailan, Mee Goreng, Fisherman Basket, Stingray, Crabmeat Egg and Buffalo Wings...Power rite?? hahahaha

and not to forget two barrels of Henniken ... well Kenji Lim is there mah...

Drank, chat, eat under the stars... but super disappointed with the MEE GORENG lah, we ordered ten bucks de MEE GORENG.. So by right should be a BIG BIG PACKET rite.. but it was onli a packet..the same amount with the normal $3 zi char lah...shiet lor... at least come two packets lah.. make us happy mah...haiz.. will complain to Tricia's Brother next time when we go there...

Kenji sent us home..coz ah ber going back to Bradel, then while on the way back..Jerry was riding his motorbike and we were in the car. Too bad the road got many Traffic Lights... So everytime we stopped by I would always tease him...i tink he's quite irritated why that road got so much traffic lights...lol so funny...his expression is PRICELESS....lol..

I can't believe I'm starting sch again.. and this term alot of projects to complete lor.. just this week got French listening test liao..sianzzz...

Shall enjoyed my beautiful Sunday tmr ba... having tim sum buffet with Ms Lena and Jie Fu... let's pray that we can conquer all the siew mais and har kow there ba wohoooooohoo...

Short Note: So many times make me numb....

With Love, 1:39 AM

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