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Thursday, June 21, 2007'♥

Adverlets Motivates Me....

Well surprise to see me back here??

It's been good half a year since I've changed to the other blog address.

The main reason that I'm back using this blog address it's actually a company which called Advertlets.
As some of you may have been aware of Adverlets,which is an Asian blog/weblog advertising network. They kinda of act as a middleman between bloggers and advertisers.

Advertisers try to bring the message across by advertising ads on blogs which they think is appropriate for their ads while bloggers would help to write reviews, post up the ads etc.

It's a two-way benefit thing because both parties will gain benefit from it. The Advertiser gets to create awareness of their products and services, while the blogger earn extra cash by doing something they love.

When I just register, I thought it would be difficult for a computer idiot like me to place ads on my blog. I'm afraid that I would not be able to understand the HTML code and stuffs.

BUT...... I'm so so so wrong... Just three simple steps and Viola!!!! it's done.
(click on the picture for more info)

I'm just so excited when I managed to place the ads on my blog. Even though I might not get chosen by the advertiser. But it's certainly COOL to be able to join in this community.

As a student, I certainly do not mind making some extra allowance by blogging so this serves as the main purpose why do i join Adverlets.

Secondly, Some people might ask , why not choose Nuffnang instead? Well sadly to say not that i have any offense against them, but i really don't understand the procedure of placing an ads. Perhaps I'm really not very tech-savvy, is there any kind soul out there to help me? (I don't mind earning more money)... Adverlets is simple and gives clear instruction.. short and sweet, it just makes my life more easier :)

Thirdly, I just want to try out how Adverlets works... I'm just excited about receiving a cheque for making this review? Or Maybe I'm doing free advertisement for them, whatever lah.. I happy they happy, we all happy can already.

Just register on Adverlets, so I would not comment on any feedbacks or suggestions. Don't worry when I joined long enough and see the money rolling in, I will definitely think hard for feedback and suggestions. So by then hopefully the Chairman won't find me irritating haha.

I write so much, you all never click on the link how will you guys know how great is Adverlets? So what are you all waiting for? Move your cursor up and click on the links, I promise you that it would not be a wrong choice. At least I won't regret :)

Please duo duo zhi chi them ok??

With Love, 12:51 AM

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