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Monday, September 25, 2006'♥

My Friendship with Dong Dong

Dong Dong is my new fren.. my schoolmates cum colleagues... knew her for a few weeks le.. our characters realli ard the same..and we both super chatty de.. in the whole office we are the Noisiest u know...haha..and i treated her like my little sis.. in case u wonder how she looks like..she looked like.. MS CINDY SEE... seriously hao bu hao..haha.though MS CINDY denies it hahaha...

Well today Dong dong is veri unusual.. then while we are waiting for the bus..she broke down.. i kanna shocked early in the morning...she got some problems with her bf...somehow managed to comfort her..and she's feeling better at the end of the day..back to normal le...but i know she's super affected...

And while i was typing this entry.. Dong dong msged mi...

" Gonggong we broke up le "

I felt sad for her..that guy realli dunno how to cherish her...guessed when it comes to ending a relationship.. humans have a lot of LAME excuses.. eg: I NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON MY STUDIES, where they themseleves still get sucky grades even though they are not in a relationship..come on it depends on ur own de lor.. LAME... OR.... I TINK OUR CHARACTERS ARE DIFFERENT...if u change le just say lor.. dun need to say characters different sibeh lame.. if u love a person...u see his strengths more than his weakness hao bu hao..

Haiz suan le.. wad for crying over a guy who doesn't appreciate u...love u or give u happiness... but no matter what Dong dong, gonggong is here for u de...ok...tmr will gif u half of my ai xing bread de...hehe.. cry all ur hearts out tonite ba...tmr will be a brand new day...

Back to my Monday... Monday bluess seems so far away.. time passes so fast without i realising it's 6pm le.. i love my job alot...it's different from the daily routine job i've had before and i've learnt alot of PR skills from this job.. more than what i've learnt in school..though it's calling up clients to RSVP but its more than that.. as the date of the event approaches, more things to prepare le...

And now my list is to call up those who is CEOs, MDs, Director etc...wow..differnt techniques de ok.. and i could say that most of them are super friendly...and now we are under M and A...they are super nice.. esp M love her alot...me and dongdong treat her like our frens..we often joked with her..and today she treated us tea and snacks...working under her..not stress at all de..but she rather she stressed than us lor...so God I pray that u can give her strength...take away all her worries..Amen

My contract suppose to end soon.. but i decided to renew it..and oso to help out at the actual day of event.. at first tot that we temp staffs they sure wont need our help de..who knws tat day.. M asked us to go alont..wohooo so excited lei... its in a hotel at ORCHARD super high class..and im aiming the BREAKFAST and LUNCH lor..tats the most impt one hao bu hao.. i tink i will bring along my TUPPERWARE..oppps...and most importantly i will get more hands on experience and see those shuai shuai de clients oppppps... hahaha..

Can't wait for this Sun Batam trip with our dear Lena Da jie..and two mysetery person hahaa... well hopefully it will goes on smoothly and my side de mystery person wil be able to apply off on that day...haiz.. will be visting popo..i missed her so much lor.. im going to buy her fave biscuit for her man...


Short note: Orangutan is on medical leave for 21 days...pls dun go to the zoo and visit him...argggghhh qi si wo le..so many days...not FAIR!!!

With Love, 9:26 PM

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