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Saturday, September 16, 2006'♥

Just another day.....

Friday just went on like these.. time seems to pass by so fast...yest the whole Singapore haf such a heavy downpour...checked the weather forecast showers with thunder in whole Singapore...amazing..and we are freezing to death in the office man....

Finally the long awaited lunch time is here... me and QL were craving for a bowl of hot soup..and here we are in the food court of the FU ZHUO YU YUAN incident haha...and guessed wad i ate? MS Tupperware will faint.. coz for FOUR DAYS.. i've been eating yong tau foo...hahaha..i dunno y i just like the soup lor..damn nice..u all shld come Parkway and try it man..sure got addicted..and somemore its cheap la..two bucks nia haha..

Went back office...with Chachos my fav snacks.. QL bought the whole pkt and we shared...happily muching.. pick up the phone wanted to call the customer..then guessed what.. phone system is down..we waited for one hr..hapily munching and relaxing at the same time..then at three.. my SUPP V...told us that we could go for the day...coz the system is totally down..we stayed oso no use... woohoooo.. of coz we earned two hours less la.. but nvm la..we oso sian to stay in that cold cold office..

So mi and QL..being so free.. we decided to go town for some window shopping haha.. im so happy that i made a new fren..and we were so clicked...spent most of the day in KINOKUNIYA.... reading magazines and stuffs..and we spent one hr reading recipe and the GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD 2007...wah.. so the world's ugliest dog.. and its realli damn ugly lor.. COCO and JUNIOR both of u are lucky enough to be pretty and handsome....haha..then we ended our trip at 6plus.. QL went home..while i went Cg...

I was in charge of games yest...and we played a veri challenging game..until the whole cg is so enthu abt it..that they wanted to play it again next time..wohooo Thank GOD for annoiting.. suddenly tot of the game while im in the office...

Nowadays.. i got sleepy at 10.30 sharp...and yest i totally knock out in the cab while going home...chel and karen was shocked..coz normally im the most active de ma...wah.. my eyes is full of tears of yawning...help mi.. im getting old man...reached home ard 11plus..and tats it...i lied flat on the bed..until this morning i woke up at 11 power rite...and its still not enough hahaha...

Anyway i was amazed at how childish someone is...He msned mi and said..i know u like the guy who went KL..and i tink there will be an accident in KL...shit him..he was cursing LAO D man.. how childish can he be seriously..my blood is boiling at that time..i can't imagine how insensitive he is..but nevertheless..i heck care him.. dun wanna waste my time arguing with a kid...

Check the weather forecast...and its mostly cloudy at KL some areas raining in afternoon.. hopefully he already finished his competition le.. coz his tyre got no lines de...so if raining cham liao...but i know he will be safe de la haha..

Anyway..do check out the clip below...damn hor chio lor.. xiang dang nian.. i oso got recite these poems in my pager greeting hahahaha..damn malu la hao bu hao haha...

short note:
im reminded of the first day i met u....

With Love, 1:08 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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