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Sunday, September 03, 2006'♥

I've aged...

Forgot abt my blog the last few days.. coz im simply involved in my own activities.. that always happen when u have finally finished battling the exams...haha.. Last paper was on THUR...and freedom starts right after tat...

Suppose to be back visiting my ITE lecturers with SELYN they all..but rite at the bus stop while im waiting for e bus...Mr R's fren, MR J msged mi and told mi to go down to his co for an interview with his boss..coz previously i told him to look out for any lobangs for mi.. and so i went down..its an admin job..at Caltex House..part time but the slots left are 7-10pm five day work..i rejected it..coz i got cg ma.. haha anyway wanna thank MR R AND MR J...for helping mi..

Fri, spent half of my day EMAILING MS TUPPERWARE..she was at work..and i emailed her at her co's email...so we were chatting most of the day..and then DEL met mi up and off we went to BUGIS village for shopping man...bought quite alot of stuffs for the wedding on next SAT..and im her image consultant haha.. we are going to be the ushers for the wedding..damn excited hao bu hao..but too bad we onli had two hrs coz after tat we went cg...its so fun to go shopping man..even if its onli window shopping...i guessed woman are realli crazy at the word SALE hahaha..nice shopping with DEL and we are going to mit up on WED hopefully..i need to get my dress from the seller...

Sat...which is yest.. went to church as usual...but suddenly tot of singing K...ya ya ya the last time i went is half a yr ago hao bu hao...so long ago..so i mass sms LENA, JOWEYN, AH BER JIE and TRISH....too bad in the end AH BER JIE and TRISH can't join us..but its ok la.. i got time now hahaha...we can always mit up again.. So the three of us went VIOLET...the place which got sad memories..the place when i first got super drunk..the place where in the end make mi quit drinking hard liquour, i lost my whole bag tat time..but anyway tats half a yr ago le...haha

WE reached there ard 10plus...sang and sang until 2 i guessed..ordered beer and the auntie was kind enough to gif us discount..probably becoz we are KENJI's fren....all thanks to him..hehe.. its fun hanging out with them...and of coz there are still 12 pages of songs which we have not sing...so i guessed i need another ktv session soon to satsify my cravings hahaha..

Reached home ard 2plus.. removed my make up , bathe and here i am lying dead on my bed.. i tink i've aged...xiang dang nian i go club until 6am oso not so tired.. now i didn't club onli sing i oso want to die le.. haiz.. SUI YUE BU LIU REN ah.... faintz...i tink i need TONGKAT ALI soon hahahahaaha..

Took some pictures there..but need ms LENA to send mi first.. will post up real soon i promise..there are so many photos which i haf not posted man...hahah i guessed the next entry will be on photoblog haha..

Programmes for this week includes...

Mon: GYM SESSION with SHAO MEI followed by Wedding Rehersals at the CHURCH

Tue: Who can i mit but none other than my cousin, MS Han that ungrateful.. who is interested in getting her top more than miting mi haiz... guess we shld be gg shopping ba

Wed: Either go JB with that SO AND SO...(dun wan say out his name coz he always pang seh mi) or go shopping with DEL then followed by BS at PS....

Thur: Tot of going dim sum with Selyn..must ask her first haha

Fri: CG at TB

Sat: Wedding takes up whole day, then service, then dinner at SAKAE
hopefully the person remember to bring the voucher...110bucks whooohooo

Sun: REST DAY hehehee....

All programmes are subjected to changes and availability of the individual..in case of any emergency..pls contact mi in advance so that i can change my appt..coz u know im a busy person... muahahahah bullshit la..

People..pls ask mi out ok? im a loner.. tks...wo qiu qiu ni meng ba..haha

Short note: Orang Utan and Goheadbingostan.....wohoooo..

With Love, 1:44 PM

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