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Saturday, September 30, 2006'♥

It's been long...

It's freaking 4am in the morning.. I wonder y am i still here blogging..it's way too late from my usual sleeping time....but i'm so awake after a bath...

It's been long since i came back in the wee hours of the morning... Xiang dang nian...its nothing but ever since I've turned 21.. life seems to slow down abit...SUI YUE BU LIU REN....i will get super sleepy if the clock past 2am...and tears will came rolling down...and also not forgetting the continuous yawning...

Went to catch a movie with Ms Dong Dong after cg...i must realli blog abt her...while i went for my cg which is from 7.30-10pm...she was alone waiting for mi at ORCHARD...chilling out alone at MAC CAFE waiting for mi... Where can u find this type of fren?? And somemore she waited for mi to have late dinner lor...realli appreciate her alot lei...tks Ms Dong Dong...

I reached around 10.15 and then we saw a pamphlet that Every Last Friday of the mth...Borders, Scotts, Wisma and some other participating shopping centre will be opening until midnite and oso there would be great offers... Our movie will start at 12.15 so we went Wisma to check it out... it's good to have late night shopping, not so much ppl and Ms Dong Dong bought a bag for 148bucks...rich rich lei...laoniang already passed this part of excessive spending in my life le hahahhaha...so we shop and shop and had our late dinner at Yoshinoya before we proceed to the movie... Guess wad show we watched??

JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE....it's super hilarious lor..esp the THONG part if u had already catch the show muahahahahah... not a bad show...highly recommended....

This weekend gonna be a busy weekend for mi...

Sat: Book the ferry tix for our Batam trip.....hopefully can book...
Rush to Tamp Mall to buy mooncakes to bring back on Sun for Popo
Go back home to store in fridge
Set off to bible study
GO Service
Go Natas Fair...coz MR A say got one package to GENTING 50bucks..anyway
he will be at the fair too...for those who dunno its at EXPO same place
as church lor..wohoooo
Go Steamboat or ktv with BC they all

Sun: Mit 8am at Harbourfront MRT
0940 set off to Batam Centre
Mit my beloved cousin, hopefully he wont forget
Go visit popo
Go lunch
GO shopping, massage, free time
Seafood dinner, or zi cha...depends on financial status of members haha
Shop again
Say bye bye to Batam

Basically that's my two days itinerary...hopefully the BATAM trip will go smoothly... Ms KERIN who is mi will be the tour guide...haha first time lei..so if not good mai hiam la...

Guess who is the mysetry person joining our trip?? MS TUPPERWARE.. cannot imagine rite... she better dun pangseh..if not i make sure she squeeze inside the tupperware

Oh ya.. My company is looking for ppl to work one day 18OCT at the event itself.. pay is not bad...and its at a well -known hotel in Singapore.. i'll be helping out the whole day too.. American Breakfast and Lunch will be provided....pls contact me for more details..so far Ms Selyn and Zhong jin is included..and MS Dong Dong side got two frens oso hahaha.. i need around six ppl... pls come if ur too damn free ok... its onli one day nia...and u can get the money str away on that day....


I was at Cine when i saw a group of cars racing by...i remembered the times we were there...and ur wonderful hobby...i wanted so much to sms u..asked if ur there...but i held back... i need to play by the rules.....

Short note:
Would u??? caught up in the middle

With Love, 3:45 AM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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