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Wednesday, September 20, 2006'♥

How pure am I??

Got this from Ms Lena's blog...hahaha..yuan lai im nt so chun qing as i've thought...oppps hahaha..

But it's quite true la.. opps...

Yst Nite, i had a dream..in that dream..i married a guy...(i forgot who) whom i dun love at all...just for the sake of marrying...I tried hard to accommodate to him, understand him, and most importantly love him....but no matter how hard i've tried...i can't coz the love is not there the first place...

Ppl said before.. love can be nutured... but maybe for my character i can't..the dream seems so real...hopefully it will not happen in reality...cause i find that it's veri unfair to the guy...In the dream the guy is a good guy..he nv gif mi up...he believed that one day his sincerity will touch mi...but before i know what happen to us in the end...My Handphone's alarm rang...time to wake up...y do alarm always ring at the wrong time?? hehehe....

To love or to be loved...which is happier? and which is easier?

Short note: i dun wanna be ur 7-11

With Love, 9:17 PM

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