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Monday, September 11, 2006'♥

A Day to be missed.....

It's the starting of the week again...dragged myself up out of the bed this morning...i nv missed sleeping so much u know...

Work was fine today.. time seems to pass so quickly...and before we knew it..it's LUNCH TIME.. i know it's all the working ppl fav time of the day.. a time where u can finally go out.. and enjoy the fresh air...

Mi jie and i was discussing what shld we eat..though we both work at different place.. she worked in Tanjongpagar while mi..in another ulu armpit at Parkway hahaa..but nevertheless the thought of having lunch soon realli stirs us up.. and not to mention Ms Tupperware...she is forever hungry hao bu hao haha..

Went for lunch with QL at the food court..ordered fish soup...and there is those Fu Zhou Fishball..if u know me.. tats my fav lor.. go steamboat must haf tat hahaha.. (so Ms LENA if got chance steamboat...ahem ahem) haha.. so here i am happily trying to bite into my fu zhou yu yuan...and guessed wad happen? In that instance...(for those who ate fu zhou yu yuan before u all know that there is juice inside the fishball rite) and today the most powerful thing happen... the juice shoot out of the fishball so high until the auntie sitting two tables away kanna it.. i tell u.. i was damn bloody paiseh lor..

The auntie is damn shocked lor.. I was stunned there lor..and after a few seconds..everyone laughed including the guy and his colleague sitting besides us..walao they laughed the loudest...at that moment i realli hope that there is a hole for mi to hide lor.. wakao...machiam like the MERLION lor.. shoot so far lei...i tell u tmr i sure wont go that food court again damn paiseh i tell u..even when im typing now..i was laughing like mad..coz i will nv forget the poor auntie's expression lor..faintz..

Oh ya talking abt the word FAINTZ>..whenever i gave ppl my blog password.. i dunno y hor.. when i typed the faintz out..they sure tink im joking or wad.. i have to type ten times then they will realised the password is faintz.. am i stupid? or is the password stupid?? hahaha....no ppl seems to get it the first time i told them haha..

Anyway this is a meaningless post on a meaningless monday nite...haha im bored now ok.. pls talk to mi in msn.. oh ya..forgot to complain..stupid kuku msn is down man..the whole world cant access to it..how dumb dumb can it be.. now then i realised i can't live without it...hehe..


When i asked u.. it's ur life impt or ur race impt?

You answered me: Race

When i asked u...it's the race impt or ur face impt?

You answered: Face

Ya good ans.. if i have a chance i will slap ur gonggong face man...

U know urself..ur not in ur best form for this race..ur leg is so painful and ur limping practically...and u know urself the risk involved...u know urself hw worried ppl besides u are..but yet...

You chose the race over everything...

U better be alright i tell u...if not...goheadbingostan will realli faintz...

Short note: On the other note..i do hope what u told mi tis afternoon is the truth before u went for ur beauty piggy sleep

With Love, 9:26 PM

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name Kerin
age Forever 21


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