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Wednesday, September 13, 2006'♥

Bad Day....

I shld be singing.. David Powter...Bad Day today.... Early in the morning.. my blood was boiling.. a stupid bus driver pissed mi off.. and resulted in 15mins late for my work..damn idiotic lor..

Anyway enough of the bad day.. practically haf no mood to work the whole day..so for 3/4 of the day.. i was pratically literally chatting in msn...QL was the same hahaha.. we are being slack nowadays...Was chatting then suddenly HS msged mi.. "Hey results is out le..u can check liaoz"....faintz...we were informed that results would be out only on 14SEPT but suddenly so early can check liaoz...

Coz of the EARLY Morning dai sai incident..i decided not to check..in case i got another heart attack...QL checked hers though..and for someone always taking Supp paper.. she PASSED ALL SUBs this term...was so happy for her...she said she will go on vegetarian diet for the next one week.. poor mi haf to follow her too hahaha.. and i decided to reward her with two packets of my Precious HOT CHOCOLATE hahaha.. she was beaming from ear to face the whole day.. super high lor..haha..

Finally checked my results when im back home...alot of ppl offered to help mi check but i tink its better for myself to check it...haha tks pals...anyway MR D said im HUM JI...tks lei.. my heartbeat stopped for one moment...

I tot i would failed econs..in the end i didn't and i tink my results was not tat bad...wohoooo.. so happy u know.. and somemore no deadly supp paper.. My dear ah jin..must jia you hao bu hao..for this one week no more playing play doh liao.. wo hui zhi chi ni de...

Chatted with Lao D.. he's going racing tmr...and i tink he's quite sad this time.. coz his gonggong leg haven't recover.. hopefully weather would be good.. if raining i tink the road will be veri slippery..and somemore raining he leg will cramp.. machiam old man...

pray hard that he will win...first prize is 2000bucks...and hopefully i will gain some commission from there..heehe...

Recently i super no life.. reached home after work ard 7.30...slacked awhile and i slept at 10.30..wakao early morning go work.. how boring can my life be man?? pls help to inject some life into my pathetic life..haha..

orite clock is ticking..and its time for bed....good nite my readers...muacks...

Short note:
B is better than A....I just love B...A is turning mi off....

With Love, 10:35 PM

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age Forever 21


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