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Tuesday, August 29, 2006'♥


Received another invitation today...this mth and next mth.. is a mth for wedding... up till now i received four RED BOMBS......arggghhhhhhhh

Angie is my ex leader she is getting married next Sat...and im the usher for the wedding..great... so i have to wake up early to doll up myself.. i guessed i realli need to do shopping next week..Thank God i finished my exams this week...

Chris who is my fren sister call mi yest and tell mi " Jie, im getting married end of the mth." faintz....i watched her grow up.. last time skipped lesson always go her house de..she is Angel's sis...how time flies...and now she OVERTAKE mi....well done haha..

14 Oct.. is my baby bear's wedding...and if nothing goes wrong.. im attending a wedding in KL next mth.. on the 21st....hopefully mi jie is going to.. i haf to go coz im the ah yi... arggghhh one more chance left to be ah yi..cause they say cannot more than three times ma...

COOOOOOOOLLLLL..haha just wanna wish them all have a blissful and happy marriage ba...marriage is a life time commitment.....

I've been overtake dunno how many times.. and i guessed MS HAN and tupperware is going to OVERTAKE mi soon....maybe i shld just migrate and live in a small village called... "OLD MAID VILLAGE" ahhahaha...

Short note: Like father like son? hopefully not...

With Love, 1:50 PM

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