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Monday, August 07, 2006'♥


Yeah it's a monday.. starting of a week..but duno since when.. i have lost the feeling of MONDAY BLUES.. coz laoniang always skipped mon lect..anyway today oso is online lect no need go sch.. so dun gif mi tat "eeekk SHIRLEY so AH LIAN SKIPPED CLASS de look?" haha..

Met up with MR A... woohoo.. i tink it's been ard 3-4mths nv see him le...we went for movies..guessed which show we watched? the most talk abt movie in town lor.. Fast and Furious-TOKYO DRIFT...coooooolll.. we kept saying in the movies it's like INITAL D... but INITIAL D is more on the story side.. and TOKYO DRIFT is more on action.. so if u love cars, or ur bf loves car.. u shld watch this show.. damn nice lor..the drift haha...saw the modified cars inside the show.. and i kept tinking of MR D.. cause it's like him lor.. modify here and there de...i tink he will go mad if he watched this show..dunno how much he will spend this time again...

SO after the movie.. we wanted to eat kueh chap at 138 round market..walked all the way there.. then realise the whole hawker is not opened at afternoon... faintz.. first time saw hawker nv open in afternoon de.. normally at least got a few stalls...so we went to the nearby coffeeshop eat xiao guo mian.. hahah MR A keep blaming mi for no kueh chap.. next time ba..u realli no fate with ur stupid kueh chap de..

Anyway tks for coming all the way to TAM to watch the show with mi..and after craving for so long.. i finally ate my Ben & JERRY Cherry Garcia while watching the show.. damn nice hao bu hao.. i feel so xing fu during the show hahaaa...

Tmr is my bu bu zai 1st birthday celebration.. gonna let it be special so i ordered a PHOTO CAKE for her.. i realised alot of ppl dunno what is photo cake...so for the sake of u all.. this is how it looks like...

Nice rite.. i wanted this design more cuter.. but my dear gonggong fren dun wan..SHE WANTED THIS...

Mad de lor..she wanted so big.. we shall see tmr ba..let her haf cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. we ordered 1.5Kg.. and she onli invited less than 10 ppl.. HA HA HA.. wo men den zhe qiao ba.. anyway it costed mi 57bucks for this lor.. but im sharing with shao mei so this will be our gift for my bu bu charlotte.. gan ma ai ni ok...hehe.. looking forward for her party tmr..hopefully she will not keep crying.. we also bought her a TIARA and a gown.. pwoer rite...haha nowadays kids are veri xing fu de lor..

WILL take lots of pics de no worries...might be staying over at their house..coz the day after gonna have cg at TB..after tat is off to MA LA HUO GUO and fireworks le...woohooo.. too bad BC now no car...but nvm de we will survive all the walking de..hehe...

In case im not at home tmr.. .HAPPY NATIONAL DAY to everyone out there...wooohooo..

OFF to finish my red wine le.. buaizzzz...

Short Note: Are u back??

With Love, 6:59 PM

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