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Tuesday, August 01, 2006'♥

My wonderful companion..

Typing this entry while im drinking my MERLOT.. well its actually red wine la.. it's has been my wonderful companion for the past two days...i dunno y suddenly im so into it.. (of coz not from FRANCE de)..

It all started yest...

Me and my dear cousin were chatting online.. she was jobless now..(well if u haf a financial job u can intro her, but tats another story haha)..so i skipped my lect as usual on monday..

Then Lao niang said im gg to cook pasta for lunch..then this woman super enthu abt it... maybe coz (pasta=Italy) so she quickly rushed and bath to come my hse.. so i in turn became the MARIA... what i dunno its.. this woman..went to buy red wine.. those 250ML de.. four bottles.. so we each had two...then...we had no kick.. so we went downstairs to buy one another 750ML one while picking my darling weisi..

THAT ONE is SHIRAZ CARBANET (dunno spell correctly boh) i dun like i prefer merlot.. but of coz we both finished the whole bottle.. i tink we are mad le.. weisi say we are JIU GUI diaoz...so she spent the whole day at my hse.. we had fun chatting.. gossipping.. and watching tv not forgetting mac delivery... haha...

Then today.. after sch i went to mit her again..wanted to get something from TAM MALL.. we went shop shop around.. then we went NTUC again.. haha bought another 750ML MERLOT each.. we are both damn addicted to it lor.. haha.. so funni we spend almost two hours wandering around there.. coz some ppl veri indecisive..haha.. damn funni..

So now u all know who influence me hor? haha.. im excited that this SAT LAONIANG gg MS SELYN house for MAHJONG session with her MR NEL...lol better shou xia liu qing hor.. its a busy week for mi.. gg to watch LAKE HOUSE TMR with my classmates..woohoo..

Watched the news about a guy who died caused of the stomache operation...he is my zhu zhu fren..he just told mi yest he went to his funeral.. never expect it will be shown on news..anyway just hope that the wife will be strong coz they onli married for six mths haiz.. life realli is fragile.. i guess if we want to lose weight better dun be lazy exercise ba...oppps..haha..

Hao ba.. see u guys ba..laoniang gg to enjoy my red wine with romantic oldies le..woohooo..

Short note: Now is better than never..

With Love, 11:55 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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