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Thursday, August 17, 2006'♥

If i have one million dollars....

Was listening to this song.. Na si wa wu ji pa ban... it's a hokkien song.. kinda of hilarious..will always listen to tis song whenever im broke.. for the hope of cheering myself up...no money at least can fantasize rite? haha

I'm super duper broke... im a chiong shu shen (poor student)...Maybe im used to spending too much le.. tat now even after sch reopen for four months le.. i still haven get used to it...

Reading my past entries.. when im still working.. tat time it's damn shiok lor.. spend what i earn.. nothing to worry abt.. i can buy my Guess watch and bag without worrying at all.. coz the next pay day is always near.. but now.. sobz sobz.. pay day will nv come...haiz.. huo gai rite.. haha.. when u make a decision.. u gain and u lose something... guess this is the sacrificing part becoz i choose to study instead of working in the end..haiz..back to reality..

I decided to find a job.. preferably part time ba.. so tat even after my holidays i can still work... cant try retail line..coz they need weekends..and i need Sat to go church.. hee. so ONE out...i went to JOBSDB and search for jobs.. and i found a job tat is so tempting...

PART TIME MAID... $10/hr...
As long u are honest and reliable
No min qualification
Preferably those staying in the EAST
Able to clean up the house and do ironing
Female working environment

DAMN it.. $10/hr...wad the shit, when tat time i work in the bank its onli $8/hr.. omg.. i am so tempted to click the apply button, when i realised...I dunno how to iron properly...simple can..but what if i kanna a rich man house? i dunno how to iron coats and stuffs... damn it.. i missed a big fish!!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhh... i tink i shld go and buck up on this area...who knows if i succeed one day i might meet a rich bachelor and get marry and live happily forever...muahahhahaha...

Back to reality... if u guys do haf part time jobs.. DECENT one...pls intro me ba.. if not i will be a fat COUCH POTATO for the next 1.5 mths de.. pls dun ever let me be that coz i just managed to lose 5kg.. muahhahaha (hao lian abit haha)

Excuse me now.. i tink i haf to go transform myself into an economist and tackle my last econs tutorial question...

Short note: I guessed the situation is clear enough for me to analyse....

With Love, 8:54 PM

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