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Sunday, August 06, 2006'♥


What a busy week out there... finally my project days is over..yippeee..and im so damn happy.. coz its a sense of freedom lor..so now onli waiting for my end sem exams..but u tink i will start study now? ya rite..as if..lol

Went for FOP at Indoor stadium yst nite.. and the whole thing ended around 10plus.. so we took a cab home.. there was simply too much ppl le..and the cab driver is damn funni hao bu hao.. i guessed he is abt 30plus.. and i tried all my ways to ask for a discout.. hahaha jian rite.. so in the end he gave me one dollar off woohooo.. better than no lor..

This afternoon, zhu zhu came to fetch me, then he wanted to eat at Changi Village so we drove there.. i tink i can be a professional driver le.. all the directions i gave de lor..waited for him to eat...coz after tat im gg to Selyn's house play mahjong ma...and she will onli be back at 3plus so we drove around here and there.. at first zhu zhu wanted to play mahjong oso de..but too bad he got to be at the funeral of his fren early to help out.. so around 3 he drove me to inter and i met up with Selyn's and Nelson...

WE three played mahjong.. and Nelson veri happy lor..coz he is the BIG WINNER lor...we two veri gong gong.. and im so addicted to mahjong now.. haha damn fun u know.. too bad i lost ard 4bucks ba..nvm that will be my learning fees...haha when is our next time?? lol

Then rushed down to mit ZHU(notice this zhu and zhuzhu is differnt haha) both of us are going to watch fireworks at Esplande.. coz i was super late..we reached there ard 7plus... and its so JAM PACKED lor..duhz..went for dinner at THAI EXPRESS and the service not veri good maybe coz of too much ppl le.. then at 9, the fireworks started.. today's team is from ITALY.. (u saw it MI jie.. ohhh ur fave ITALY lei)..what i can say is.. IT's DAMN FREAKING nice lor.. omg.. the colours oso veri colourful.. *Pics will be up sooonnnn*how i wish the one besides mi is my lover hahaha.. so damn romantic lor..I guessed im going again next weekend.. any takers?? lol.. but THE SHOW FROM FRANCE I WILL CONDEMNED it.. hahhaha dun ask mi go for that..

Getting home is difficult coz so many ppl ma.. so we waited.. went to HAAGEN DAZ for some ice cream before we went back home.. what a tiring but fun day.. i enjoyed myself today..thanks for all my frens who make it happen...lol...

Today is also the day that i broke off with someone.. one yr ago.. i was amazed by hw fast time passed.. Last yr de jin tian.. i was crying myself out at BALACLAVA...and i went to church's anniversary with a SUPER PUFFY EYES... power lor...

TO Whoever u are... time passed by so fast.. i guessed ur living on well too.. the past is the past just hope that u will be happy with what u have now...and i xiang tong le..we can still be good frens ma..dun always see each other online oso nv talk hahaaa..

Tmr's gonna be another busy busy busy day.. might be miting up my long lost gang, mi jie, ying ying's baby birthday, church's anniversary... alot of programs la..but i still tinking to go for which haha.. wish me all the best ba..

Short Note: THinking of u.. but missing another...

With Love, 1:10 AM

Lover ♥

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