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Wednesday, August 16, 2006'♥

The Digit 2 Family..

Happy Birthday to my dearest cousin.. Ms Cindy Leticia, Tupperware, Ikan Bilis Sao, Smelly Tofu... it's amaing how long ur name is.. Anyway welcome to the big.. DIGIT 2 FAMILY!!!!...Finally ur 20 le.. muahaha.. after 20 the rest of the years is just past by within a blink...

As the Chairman of the Singlehood club.. i hope that u can get out of this club soon.. i hope that u will grow to be more mature.. and also grow in the HOUSE of the LORD.. stop being so kiasu le hao bu hao..tks okie.. hehe..

Anyway sorry that i cant celebrate ur bd with u today.. due to unforeseen circumstances... hope u did enjoy ur celebration..even though no one dates u out...hahahah..


I'm getting lazier and lazier by the day... exams is just two weeks time and im here slacking my days away.. playing mahjong.. even im in sch muahaha..just haf no motivation to study.. faintz..

Anyway im going back to BATAM this weekend with who? but none other my cousin Mi jie...It's her birthday (why are there so many ppl born on AUG??) so we are going back to celebrate.. but my main target is the MOET and CHANDON...wohooo...

Next week is my study week le.. i must realli chiong chiong chiong..hao ba oso nothing much to blog abt.. im damn tired due to the excessive loss of blood.. haha my auntie is here... and i gei kiang go and eat ICE KACANG tis afternoon.. see la i reap wad i sow...damn it... haha

Short note:
I love listening to ur life stories everyday...but i would love it more if i can be one of the characters inside...

With Love, 6:39 PM

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