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Monday, August 28, 2006'♥

3 long days...

Changed my blog song... and i tink it's a nice song...esp this verse..


Sometimes we fall... we get depressed.. we cried...but the most impt thing is.. after all this dramatic actions...we wiped away our tears and moved on...

Finally one paper down...three more to go.. im going to chong chu jiang hu soon...there are places i want to go... there are things i want to do...the TOP TEN THINGS I WANT TO DO

1. Go KTV... i tink the last time i went was before i went BKK..damn it..i must sing to my heart's content man...haha

2. Shopping.. fav pasttime of all... i been so moutain turtle that its been along time since i went town...

3. GYM.. promise Shufen to go with her..and i tink its time to shed away my fats again wohooo...

4. Watch the show Ghost dunno wad tat THAI show..hahaa

5. Go to FISHERMAN or SENTOSA.. somewhere that got the beach...woohooo... i miss HENIKEN man...

6. Go back to BATAM.. this should be in the 2nd place..but i lazy to change placing.. anyway i missed all my little cousins there wohoo..

7. Make Cheesecake or sushi...still got ingredients for sushi.. might most probably be making that soon...

8. Go GLORIA JEANS.. heard from JOWEYN..(spell wrongly paiseh) that they opened a branch.. ive been missing their IRISH CREAM for decades...

9. FIXED my CAMERA...my poor camera has been dead for long..and i went to BEST DENKI they told mi KONICA AND SONY merge...arghhh im so sua khoo...so im gg to the CUST svc man...hope i dun need to pay at all haha..

10. Meet up long time boh mit frens..which includes.. my dear cousins... my outside frens.. u know who u are...hehe...

I think tats abt all...need to go study for my CSA le... arghhh exam venue in Sports Hall tmr.. machiam taking O LVL lei...wohooo..

Short note: When will he listen to my advice??

With Love, 6:48 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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