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Monday, July 03, 2006'♥

Stay Away...

Bad news...Da gu is in hospital..critical condition.. she is xiao han's ah ma too.. so if u guys can help to pray for her too ba...will be visiting her tmr i guess with Cindy See...Ms Han must be strong ok...we are here for u.....

What do u do when you are not in a good mood?

1. Sleep
2. Go for a jog
3. Go to the beach
4. Go shopping with ur best fren
5. Go for a drink
6. Go clubbing
7. EAT and EAT and EAT
8. Call up ur frens
9. Listen to noisy music like techno full blast
10. Listen to soothing music

Have u been in a bad mood?? Where u dun wish to do anything at all..dun wish to think about anything..and just slack ur day away.. but u realised no matter how u avoid the problem is still there...so u need to do some thing in order to get ur mind temporarily away from the problem...

I think as a person gets older... what they will do when they are in a bad mood will change or differ... For mi, i used to like to go clubbing, listen to TECHNO when im in a foul mood last time being a teenager...but its not the same anymore..

Nowadays when im in a bad mood, i will go to sleep, i find that after that when i wake up at least my mind is clearer...Of coz i will still go to the beach, go for a drink which i did yst nite, i wish i will go for a jog, haha but tats nt my way of releasing my bad mood away, instead i will eat and eat.. but thank GOD for medicine hahaha...i will listen to soothing music instead coz i find that my mind will not be so stress and i can think better... i used to call up my frens when i haf a problem..but as the time pass, ppl haf their own life, they might be with their bf or they might be outside busy shopping.. so nowadays when i got a problem i will not call ppl up.. instead i will mit them up face to face better if they are free...

Today i chose to go shopping with Chelsia... I'm in a super pek chek mood and i know i will go crazy if i stayed at home the whole day.. therefore we met up...Why am i so pek chek? First thing, BRAZIL LOSE...(yayaya u tink what's the big fuss over it rite?) You all dunno de la.. imagine once i go online.. ppl bombarded mi with message like "Oei ur BRAZIL lose lei..hahahahah." TO them it's nothing.. but to mi..it means quite alot lor..

Second thing is matters of the heart..which i surely wont disclosed it here...i prefer to blog it in my private blog...haiz..Met up with Chelsia..we went to cityhall... on the way to Suntec, we saw a pushcart at CITYLINK and we each bought a RETRO blouse... WOMAN normally release their unhappiness through shoppings or cheap bargains..and i can say i quite cheer up after tat..Then we went SIZZLER for the salad bar..but the best thing i like abt there is their soup, nachos and ICE CREAM.. chocolate realli can make ur mood better..

After dinner we went to ESPLANADE and chatted there for two hours...powerful ba...then as we abt to leave.. I saw 2phat, Kitty they all.. they got the outing today.. i tot suppose to be alot of ppl but last min not alot can make it...well i will sure join them next time de...if im in a better mood haha...then me and chelsia walked all the way to FULLERTON HOTEL...and we went to the cafe inside...i ordered a MAGARITTA and she ordered a Cheesecake (which i tink the one i made better lor)...the atmo there is super nice.. with mist fans...so cooling...Then we walked over to BOAT QUAY and took a MERCZ CAB home... Just nice uncle gg home too..so he drove super fast.. (this week i got alot of INITIAL D experience)..

Tat's my day.... im feeling whole lot better.. thanks chelsia.. for sponsoring all the expenses today.. i realli owe u alot lor..thanks for investing in mi..lol next time when i come out work le..im sure ur investement is worthwhile de...with good RETURNS lol...

Short note: just don't get the message across... i give up....

With Love, 1:14 AM

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