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Wednesday, July 05, 2006'♥

Hot Humid Day...

Recently... the weather is terribly.. onli got one formula to describe it all...SWEAT = WATER...tats wad MR E told mi...yeah finally he spoke something that makes some sense... it's terribly hot lor.. especially for someone who doesn't haf an aircon at home *Looks around for air-con sponsorer*...haha..

Yst nite i went to Jenn's Chalet..together with Lena, Uncle, ah ber jie and two cuties, JUNIOR AND COCO...we went there quite late and there is quite alot of ppl le.. COCO and JUNIOR was so happily running here and there esp that COCO..she is getting bigger le...and she is so hyper lor.. i dunno what did her mummy trained her with...she can fly too...hahaha...Saw one of my pri sch mates there.. she power...realli.. become TATOO artist lei..i wished i was so brave like her hahaa... anyway nice to see u CINDY aka XIAO ????

Anyway we waited for Jenn to be back as she went to buy something...then...something terrible happened...HOLD UR BREATHE BA... UNCLE said he wan to TIAO ZHAN mi...hahaa...so he called Jenn to buy one carton of HEINIKKEN back... haha so we drank and drank...together with LENA and JEN's Bf...many cans ma..so we tell LENA hmm..later can go and sell it le for some extra money.. then i tink SHE IS DRUNK.. she TOOK US FOR REAL LEI!!!..AH ber jie and i was laughing like mad lor.. she realli tink so lei...haiz u nv see her expression damn funni i tell u....

We left there around two plus i guessed..forgot abt the time le..i onli know once i reached home..removed makeup and i just went to the dreamland le..if u got insomnia u can try getting drunk.. coz u dun need count sheeps can str away koon liao...better than sleeping pills...

if u are suffering from insomnia.. pls gif mi a call.. i'll charge u lesser if you were my fren...and i'll make sure u laugh in ur sleep... pls dial.. 1800-ineedhenikken.....fees may varies with different capacity..lol..

I saw this somewhere...

which is better? Lies that draw a smile or the truth that draws a tear?

I chose the truth that draws a tear....reason is simple.. i dun like to feel being cheated....tell mi the truth and you will be SPARED... haha

Short note:
think simple

With Love, 11:48 PM

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