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Friday, July 07, 2006'♥

Food for Thought...

Yst was my APEL lesson...My Cp posed us a question..."What things in life influenced ur thoughts?"....Some said money, media, family...Some said SOCIETY and Environment...*she hui de cuo* hahaha..and guessed what i've said?

I said... PAST EXPERIENCE...and my CP was shocked..pratically shocked haha..He said pls elaborate..so this is wad i said:

"Past experience will tend to have a influence on u.. a good experience will lead u to being a better person...a bad experience will allow u to cherish the things in life and also u learnt from your mistakes."

Maybe my past experience had a great impact in my life ba...which leads me to giving this kind of answer where the others, my juniors was still blaming the society for their thoughts...I felt so matured in that class yst...lol...

But come to think of it.. Your thoughts determines your habits.. isn't it so...When you always thought abt your past...you tend to not let go..or maybe go back to the person...this may in turn.. results in a bad habit...a bad habit of unable to move on.. a bad habit of not letting go...

But the past is so tempting...ur so comfortable with it... u dun need to start all over again... u dun need to waste time and effort knowing another person again..

WHEN ur vision is blurry, you tend to run back to the past rite?..come on, it's time to set a new vision...

Life is so contridicting.. Do u tink so?? I certainly do...in fact past and future it's just between a line... ur decision makes a big difference...

Oh well...sadly to say.. life still have to go on...

Short note: it's tempting... but yet it's forbidden.....

With Love, 11:38 AM

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