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Thursday, June 29, 2006'♥

Unpredictable Thursday...

Well.. today class ended early... so i went home and do my sushi... and this time round better liao... hahaha but i nv did alot today lol..coz i did it for someone onli...lol

Got back my mid sem test result... onli two papers so far... got an Aand a B+ for this two sub...two more to go..and its the most disatrous de...CSA and ECONS which i dun haf eyes to see.. die liao la.. haiz..

Anyway... i nv realise the days passed by so fast...can u imagine tmr mid nite BRAZIL is playing again lei.. wah damn stress lor i tell u ...

Just reached home from East Coast...tks to whoever who was with mi.. i had a great time chatting with u in the car...and it's damn romantic hao bu hao...coz u took all my songs and burn it into CDs..tks...

anyway got a video to show u all..coz its damn funni.. all tks to MR A...

Short note:The actions of someone else today will help you take stock in your own life choices. SI beh zhun hao bu hao

With Love, 2:58 PM

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