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Thursday, June 08, 2006'♥

Stress is over....

Haha finally Finished my MID SEM TEST le.. wohooo and now im typing this entry at my best fren house.. going to stay overnight here with my baby Charlotte..

Today paper Computer System SUCKS... seriously... walao but since its the last paper everyone bo chap le.. just faster do finish then go home haha.. feel so relaxed after tat man...

Met ShaoMei... We went to Orchard together haf lunch then waited for Baby charlotte's mummy to come... so the three of us like the old times went shopping.. bought quite alot of stuff and i swear im going to get the overnight mask from Laniege..(the new korean brand)..tis tmd good....then we went to look at the baby gift set.. wanted to get a baby gift set for Zhen's older sister Ah Leng jie.. coz she just gave birth to a babby boy..woohoo.. still dunno wad name wanted to gib him

We went to Glenegas hospital.. in case u dunno.. im BORN there too haha.. then we gave her our present and i will upload the baby pic soon..so cute like LA BI XIAO XIN lor... when i come back from Batam

Will be going str to Harbourfront tmr from here...so u all dun miss mi ok..haha..

Ok hao le Lao niang wanted to go and play with my BABY CHARLOTTE LE...wohoo..bubuzai.

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