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Wednesday, June 14, 2006'♥

How do u know...

How do u know if u are falling in love?

How do u know if the guy loves you?

How do u know whether its just purely crush?

How do u know if he is serious?

How do u know whether is it one-sided?

How do u know if he truely cares?

How do u know whether he did that just to gain favour from you?

How do u know whether if he have some feelings for you?


Some say when he is willing to spend his time for you

Some say when he forsake his frens just to mit you

Some say when he bought u the things u always wanted

Some say through the way he look and talk to you

Some say through little actions he did for you

Some say when he drove all the way to mit u


But all these are assumption.. there is no definition as to know whether the guy realli loves you.. and the guessing part is the most tiring part...

It depends much on the fate of you two isn't it?


I Love this song to the core rite now... too bad cant download it..who got can send mi ma?? hehe

Short note: the three questions..

With Love, 11:57 PM

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