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Thursday, June 22, 2006'♥

Heart jumping...

I dunno whether what u told mi just now is it the truth or is it just making mi happi..but im realli happy u know? It's been long since i felt that way..

Anyway everything is not concluded yet.. let time proves everything ba...

Project is killing mi nuts.. esp that CSA so many things to do... i almost went Hougang for the past few days.. (the armpit of Singapore) hahaaha.. no la.. that's wad my classmates said..coz its neither east nor north ahha...went to HOUGANG MALL the first time in my life.. haha.and tks to Bullshit i did not get lost my way there lol..

Still got some bits and pieces yet to finish.. so Friday will haf to go back to sch to settle it once and for all...haiz.. so tiring lor..

Finally tmr will haf one day off from project.. Zhen and Shaomei coming my house to do cookies and cheesecakes.. haah hopefully everything will go on smoothly then..YOU will haf kou fu le...but too bad u gg to JB on Fri..lalalallala...

Hao le tats basically my boring life.. gg to sleep le.. haf been rushing my project like mad these few days...and i certainly look like a giant panda..lol...

Short note: Taohuay, Tofu and honey water is on the list....dun drive too fast...

With Love, 1:39 AM

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