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Friday, June 30, 2006'♥

Fiction or non-fiction...

I dunno why nowadays ppl are getting faker and faker.. until i dunno how to differentiate whether the person is telling the truth or the person is lying...

Some ppl once said before.. look into their eyes and u know whether the person is lying... but i tried to look into the eyes its still the same lei...except for some eye shit... lol

If u haf a great way to know whether the person is lying to u anot pls tell mi... i will appreciate ur help de...hahaha...

Finally it's Friday le... it's damn fast lor this week...just now went to cg and after tat went to Pasar Malam..wakao it's getting boring lor.. all the stalls are duplicated de... then we waited for the gonggong cab for 15 mins...and finally hop on the cab.. then who knows.. MASSIVE JAM at BRADEL causing the whole CTE to jam like mad lor.. wad a shit day man... it's like damn long lor.. heng we gg tampines if go TOA PAYOH then all the best liao..amazing.. anyway after the jam..the CAB DRIVER drove veri fast lor.. wakao machiam INITAL D u know.. i almost vomitted out my TAIWAN xiang chang.. power lor...now i feel so giddy... im srry la uncle i shldn't mention that i wanted to rush home and watch the match...damn...

While i was typing this post.. i heard ppl from the downstairs coffeeshop shouting GOALLLLLLL.. its damn loud u know.. until my room can hear..and i closed my door le lor.. poor mama all the best lor..she can tahan lor..if mi i sleep until half way ppl shout i will get heart attack man.. damn those AH PEK.. need to shout so loud boh....nabeh...

Show u all a car racing video... Guess who is inside the YELLOW car ok?? hahaha

Seems like these few days.. i kannna car sick many times...faints....


Just finished watching GERMANY VS ARGENTINA... so far the longest match.. that they haf to used penalty kick to decide who is the WINNER... everyone was like so tired le..haiz..

Guess who won? GERMANY man!!!... wakao.. i tot Argentina would win.. but too bad their best goalkeeper was injured... The Argentina player cried...there is some commotion after the match..btw GER AND ARG...and i feel so sad for them...realli veri jialat lor... cant imagine if my RONNIE lost..i tink i will cry for days..

Mi jie now i know how u feel le..when ur ITALY lost to SOUTH KOREA four yrs ago..anyway tonite is ur ITALY vs UKARAINE le... all the best ok...dun commit suicide if anythign goes wrong haha..

SO RONNIE... jia you ok.. tmr is the match btw FRANCE liao..damn it..im so nervous lor...hopefully RONNIE WILL SCORE again...

Short note:
be careful tonite....

With Love, 11:54 PM

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