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Tuesday, June 27, 2006'♥

The Days of Cameralessssss....

If you all know me... U all know that i love to take pics... be it in the toilet, on the road, on the aeroplane, in the ship... i can take pics anywhere, anytime, any place...BUT now....

It's not the same anymore.. SOBSSSSSSSSS... my camera batt is dead... REALLI DEAD... i cant any pics anymore....and for mi without camera is like eating chicken rice without chicken, eating fishball noodles without fishball...eating OR lua without OR... faints... i miss my camera....pls bring it back to life man...damn it...haha

Today for the first time.. i did SUSHI hahaha..... filling is sweet egg omelete and crabstick... woke up super early lor.. so result in mi dozing off during POM haha... anyway i SUCCEEDED... i brough ard eight to school and they ate all finish.. say it's nice and mama loves it too... she called mi when im in class.. asking whether she can eat anot.. duhz.. of coz rite.. if not i put in fridge for wad.. lol.. wanna thank zhen for teaching mi.. realli can save money lor.. i eat ard five and it lasted mi until dinner lor.. woohoo...

BUT one bad thing is... its not veri nice la..the Shape.. coz some of them is big while some is small..anyway i will improve on it haha..

AND im going to zhen's house on THUR.. ask her do nice nice de.. for mi.. and at the same time learn more... coz THUR de sushi is special de....it's gonna be a love shape sushi... heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tmr having my presentation le.. gonna wear formal.. u see.. no camera again.. arggghhhhhhh.. faintz...

Today i wore my BRAZIL jersey to sch.. guess wad.. stupid Dennis said my RONNIE is FATTY RON.. argghhhhh im so so so angry... at least ZI HAN better support my BRAZIL.. haha DENNIS said ENGLAND is going to be in the final.. hmmmmph we shall see.. seriously i hate them so if u like them we are enemies le hahaha...

Going to my fav place FIsherman Village to watch my BRAZIL's match with my beloved cousin... we sure haf a lot to say hahaha.. better pray hard the TV there wont spoil lor...and BRAZIL better win if not i'll jump down the sea str away from there lols....

Going out le... see u guys...will update on my presentation de...all the best to mi ba....

ANYWAY listen to this song ba.. i posted the lyrics yst.. NI NA ME AI TA... it's damn nice lor hahaha...

Short note: It's coming and will ur promises be fulfilled on that day?

With Love, 5:44 PM

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