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Thursday, May 11, 2006'♥


I'm now in the library.. classes already ended long ago le..but my clique and i stayed back to revise and did some of our tutorial.. hardworking hor.. haha life here is veri busy lor.. anyway one thing abt my poly... is u will keep climbing the stairs everyday and the most powerful thing recently the weather is so bloody hot lor.. ya i tink i have already lose 1KG liao with all the stairs climbing hahaha.. Well done SHIRLEY..lol

Today in APEL lesson.. with my class Careperson.. who is super funny and nice..Well basically APEL is a lesson veri slacking one just talk and discuss.. then our CP asked us to fold a boat and write what is success.... haha this is what i wrote..

"Success is what we achieved after Failure.. without failure there wont be success."

Guess what did my class AH BENG no 1 2 and 3 wrote??

Ah beng 1 => "Success is when i am able to provide for my family and wife."

Before u tink its funni lets take a look at wad Ah Beng no 2 wrote..

Ah beng 2=> " Success is when i finish folding this boat."

The whole class nearly fainted pengs lor...haha and now for the best ONE...

Ah beng 3 => "Success is when i strike lottery."

Walao i tell u hor the whole class broke out into laugher lor.. super corny lor him... haha starting to love my class the ah bengs liao..at least they are better then the gers lor...lol

After tat we discuss abt the Campus Care Day.. where each class is suppose to open up a stall and sell things for charity.. yeah of coz Ah beng gave alot of stupid suggestions...

Burn video of them..and sell at 5dollar per disc
Wear Tele Tubby mascot and take photo wit ppl..
sell kachang puti and wear like Mr Osama...

They are sibeh lame lor.. duhz...haha enough of all these bullshits sorry to bore u guys with this post coz hor so long nv blog liao lost the passion of it le..dunno wad to write coz too many things wanted to blog ahhaa...hao ba..before i forget...


Hope that u all will stay happy and spend a wonderful day...

To Mr A.... continue acting ur RUSH HOUR 3 and 4 ba...lol..

Short note: I feel LOVED...

With Love, 2:08 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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