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Tuesday, May 30, 2006'♥

Mid Sem TEST...

Mid sem test is just next week.. power ba.. its onli a mth plus since i started sch.. well well wad can i say the PACE here is damn FAST hao bu hao...

Anyway guess i wont be blogging much this week..coz im going to transform myself to a .....


To a BOOKWORM.. yeah... i guess my hard work will be pay off...coz straight after my last paper im going on a holiday..yippppee..Well a short one in fact coz there is still project..haiz..

BUT nvm Im going on a holiday...YI PPPEEEE...and also I can watch the first match of WORLD CUP 2006 - GERMANY vs CROATIA at my holiday destination..so i barely cant wait to finish my papers soon.... 10 more days to WC woohooo...

Tmr will be miting my WC khaki for dinner cum movie.. its a DATE wor..haha.. hao le im going to sch now le..wish mi all the best in my test ba.....see u guys...

Short note: I cant wait.... 4 long yrs..and its 10 days away...

With Love, 11:58 AM

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