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Tuesday, April 25, 2006'♥


It's the second day since sch re-open and im glad im still surviving...

Almost most of my classes is at late afternoon..and the best part is i go sch for two hours onli...power hor..waste my time slacking the whole morning then afternoon go sch warm the seats at the lecture for two hrs then bye bye le..

Well well well..wad to do neh.. at least Thur i got no sch Yipeee (looks happily at Selyn)... Life at poly is veri fast pace...and oso independent.. u need to get ur lecture notes urself.. buy the gonggong book urself...apply ur ezlink urself...check ur exam time-table urself.. well practically everything is U URSELF and STILL urself...haha.. tink i need time to adapt to it ba.. i still missed ITE life.. at least the teachers there are more caring.. as in we mit them more.. lecturers here change every single week...and now i realli Miss AH LOH and Mrs Heng's nagging.. i miss wearing sch uniforms...i miss AH Chua's scolding, my 7 sisters, My darling Rusydi, gossiping wit the twins.. all these stuffs...

Haiz..now then i know ITE is still the best.. haha.. do u agree wit mi?? lol..

Anyway i met up wit my new classamte Jas for lunch today.. we ate MAC and then go Popular bought some staionery.. managed to know more abt her though.. but hor.. still got barrier lei..maybe im too old le.. (although my class de guys tot i same age oso) oops.. (the onli thing that makes my day..ok la they lying u all happy le ma?) haha..

Hmm..give mi some time ba.. i need to adapt to this fast environment...anyway its a long weekend this week..and im looking forward to it.. Or maybe not..coz this sat i got MAKEUP LESSON for Principle of Managment(faints)...then after tat Will be going for my ex DBS colleagues' wedding.. then church..then Shundy's Birthday chalet YIPPPPEEE..(better save some food for mi) wad a long sat man...

And for sunday.... its a blank coz... AH BER JIE....pls plan something!!!!!! mama gg GENTING and i veri xie mu her...

AND that SI ren PAUL aka LAO CHEK he jio mi go KL wit his frens.. i was sooooooooooo tempted to go..until he told mi the date... 6 MAY....argghhhhhhhhhhh ELECTIONS and BAPTISM how to go man...I asked him change date and he SAY NO!!!!! coz he will be veri busy the following week.. HEN HAO!!!!

Excuse mi now.. as i need to go and polish my Chopper now... SI PAUL u better be careful....*THIS IS A THREAT!!!* hahahhahaha...

Anyway Happy Advanced birthday to Charlotte's Mummy and Charlotte's AH yi Ms ELSIE and Christine LIM.. May u both stay pretty always...haha

Short note: Should i or should i not?? Whatever decision i made u will be hurt....

With Love, 11:11 PM

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