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Wednesday, April 05, 2006'♥

Simple day..

Its a realli simple day.. everything went on so simply.. haha...

Some of them treated mi to Swensen for lunch.. i feel so loved and blessed todya.. took some pics wit them..decided to handmade gifts for them wit the photos we took.. hopefully everything turns out well ba..

Dinner time went to the famous $1 chicken rice stall at 800plus..ya not bad.. then its home sweet home time..im so tired man..

Then i remembered MS HAN blogged in her blog that she got addicted to this GOLF GAME..since lao niang is going to start my SLACKING LIFE le..so i asked her for the link and dl it.. omg its so fun..and im starting to get addicted to it le.. PEEPS if u all got more RPG game pls send mi the link wor..

Happy to heard from MR A that he is getting well in his job.. most importantly he is happy there.. poor him work until 3 then eat lunch.. duhz..trying to fight my "WO JUE DING" project is it??

Tadah tatas the end of my day.. boring hor.. coz no money lei.. i tink i giong to do someting to my hair soon.. muahaha..

Short note:

Got two person said that i haf changed recently.. is that so? just wanna KAN KAI YI DIAN ma.. then someone said i keeping all the things to myself.. well.. whatever it is.. that someone realli understands mi..but i realli feel happier these few days wor..

With Love, 12:49 AM

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