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Monday, April 24, 2006'♥

My First day in sch...

The title sounds like the Compo topic ur primary school asked u to write on ur first day of sch hor??

WELL WELLL WELL... first day of my sch just passed by like dat... yawns.. my lesson was from 4-6 today.. sucky time..

Started of with a Lect in Principals of Management.. Theory all the way.. ok la..quite my cup of tea.. at least nt accounting.. then ended wit Comm Skills one Tutorial.. yeah.. the Lecturer was a veri fun and nice lady.. she pair us to group and asked us to ask our frens.. "what would u do if u have one million" pengs...

THEN i remembered the song JI PA BAN.. pengs.. if u want tat song pls ask from mi.. its a veri stupid and funni song.. and i tink my dad and cindy's dad heard it before.. my dad always sang when he heard im playing it..lol

So wad would i do if i have 一百万?? I will used some for investment.. Bought my parents a bigger flat and then travel around the world ..starting wit Israel.. coz tats the Origin of Christianity.. i wan to see where did Jesus grew up and also the place of the CROSS.. lol Comm Skills was fun but...I WAS EXEMPTED for tat course.. yawns.. coz after the lesson went to find the Course Manager and he said i could be exempted.. got good and bad la.. so next time mon i can go home early le..hehe..

Tmr lesson was sucky too.. 3-5pm y all my lesson so late de haiz... so peeps if wan find mi lunch or dinner laoniang is veri veri free de..

Short note: Is money realli tat impt in a relationship?? No Money = No Love?

With Love, 8:42 PM

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