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Wednesday, April 05, 2006'♥


Grrr.. Im so cold now.. its raining CATS AND DOGS outside... NONO NONO.. shld be ELEPHANTS AND DINOSAURS.. coz its reaining so HEAVILY lor.. The Smart Alec mi.. nv brought my umbrella out.. (well, in fact i nv bring brolly out de la) i went to Tam mall to collect my photos.. and i was stuck there.. coz clever mi tot that TAMP is such a good place where everywhere would haf shelter..actually wanted to go interchange take bus.. and guessed who i saw.. STEVEN LEI.. not STEVEN LIM.. but STEVEN ZHOU.. walao he veri scary de.. he came to knw mi last time when i workin in bubble tea shop.. since then he's been stalking mi.. i finally managed to shake him off after a few mths haha..

Then every now and then i always saw him de.. suay.. so today.. clever de me.. decided to go the nearest bus stop take bus.. so that i wont be the same bus as him...I STOPPED when i reached the traffic lights.. shit NO MORE SHELTER!!! which idiot build shelter then stop at zebra crossing de... wo yao yun le.. so here i am stucked there.. wind so cold.. helpless.. Called up shufen and complained. THEN.. i tink someone heard my conversation.. its a guy... wit a brolly..(yes i feel guilty hao bu hao) He said " U crossing over? ..i replied "YES" THEN Being the most gentlemen guy , he said " I crossing over too, cross together ba..".. walao look like DRAMA hor?? I oso cant believe it man.. where got so good de nan ren nowadays?

Ya to whoever he is.. just wanna say thank you to you... u make my day.. thanks for helping mi when im so helpless..

Oh ya.. im the middle of a BIG PROJECT.. handmaking something for my precious colleagues and im so tired at work today.. coz of too much golfing yst nite wooho..

Specially for AH ber.. this is the link wor..http://www.pangyasea.com/index.aspx

Hao le i need to go back to my project le.. YEsh and im going to GENTING AND KL soon.. woohooo..

With Love, 8:17 PM

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