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Sunday, April 16, 2006'♥

Easter 2006


Happy Easter Sunday.. A day where 2000 yrs ago...Jesus died and was reserrecuted..A day which split BC into AD....alot of ppl have been asking y is the egg invovle in JESUS' Reserrecution?? Well pardon mi if im wrong..coz the egg speaks of the HOLY TRINITY.. The Shelf, the EGG WHITE and the EGG YOLK...

The EASTER DRAMA is fantastic man... although its abt the same story every yr..but it sure touched mi when Jesus was being whip and beaten up by the Roman Soldiers and when they nailed His hands onto the cross..my tears nv failed to roll down my cheeks at that scene..but today is a happy day rite..coz He is still alive at the RIGHT HAND of GOD, the FATHER...

Brought my mum to church today..together wit BC.. and i nearly cant wake up.. i was dreaming when my alarm rang..and i continue wit my dreams..and dunno y i suddenly wake up..and its already 8.45..suppose to mit BC at 9 ohoh...haha so i rushed like a mad woman...happy to see many ppl receive their salvation and rededicate their lives to GOD..so afterall Jesus didnt died for nothing... He died so to save us...

Well these few days as wad i've mention was busy... i pratically had onli a few hours of sleep everyday...Starting from last TUESDAY.. pengs...

Met up wit alot of ppl...and on Thurs I met MERVIN...whoohoo my lao qingren..and we went to watch REINCARNATION...diaoz.. not nice and scary at all..LAONIANG nv close my eyes at all..LISTEN UP..i nv CLOSE my eyes wor..hehe.. and when it comes to the exciting part.. MERVIN's contact lense dunno roll to which part of his eyes.. and he gtg to the toilet to take it out..so pratically LAONIANG WAS WATCHING THE SHOW ALONE WOR!!! Li hai ba.. first time i watch a scary movie myself..woohoo..but of coz after tat he came back la..lol..

Then we went Coffeebean to chill out.. until 2.30 power hor.. from 9 plus until 2plus..realli seems tat we long time boh chat le.. we talked abt the past.. then jeremy and johnathan came and join us.. (they are both AH BENGS) wit alot of tatoos.. first time saw johnathan and nv knew he is so crappy de...haha.. nice knowing them...

I tot i would not go out on GOOD FRIDAY de.. but who knw BC called mi and ask the cg to mit at PS for some admin stuffs.. so i met them at TCC..and the HAZELNUT LATTE is so nice.. after tat i went shopping wit BC awhile.. and went to find zhen who is working there.. haha no mask to take liao la.. onli chat wit her.. waiting for ah ber jie to call mi.. coz before tat LENA DA JIE asked whether want mit anot..

AH ber jie came and then we drove to her house..first time went there wor.and saw little junior..too bad he nv show mi how he hump that pig hahah...then we went to fetch LENA, JEFF and KENJI uncle...went to CHIPS...and they drank "GET F***ked" eh i nv scold hor..the drink name realli like dat.. i was too hungry to drink anything so i just ordered Heineken...then we decided to go DEVILS BAR..LENA DA JIE wore her BOOTS so chio wor....the crowd there tat nite not alot..i nv drink at all..onli drank SODA..coz i totally got YIN YING on LIQUOUR lor..die liao..i tink forever like dat de..hehe like dat oso good la..at least im sober..

Mi and uncle played HEI BAI CHEI..haha he veri play cheat de...but too bad uncle dat day veri sick...so he oso veri ke lian...then i buay tong liao..si beh sian.. there onli mi and JEFF got dance de.. so we both go dancefloor..heng got him..if not i like one mad woman dancing onli haha..

Oh ya.. dun worry the floor nv cracked tat day haha.. too bad LENA JIE dun wan dance...coz she not HIGH enough next time i'll make sure u like JEFF like dat super high.. coz i kept pouring into Jeff's glass.. hahaha "look at LENA" better be careful..ur the NEXT ONE lol!!!.. oh ya the nightlife crew was there..so we got took some pics there..whooo...

The five of us.. DID u see mi as the EXTRA one ...ya i seriously tink so.. I HATE COUPLES!!!! humph..hahaha

Ya ya ya ..extra one again ..kai xin ma...lol..anyway wanna thank AH BER JIE she sent mi home tat nite.. Hey AH BER JIE...remember u are not alone...love ya...

Yst after church service i went CHANGI AIRPORT.. its great hanging out wit church frens...and we brought the KIDS along.."THE KIDS" meaning my members...who is 13-16 yrs old de.. they practically behvaing like kids.. playing wit the TROLLEY as if its a supermarket trolley..got no breath to scold them too..if ur at CHANGI AIRPORT yst....pls..i do not know them at all...haha.. ya did haf a great time talking to BC and CHELSIA...and im happier...hehe..

Hao le tats abt all le... i tink im going out again le.. miting my new bf le.. wan an....

Oh ya gg to the PYJAMAS PARTY set up by AH BER JIE they all.. dun miss mi will onli be back tmr ba.. hope its veri fun will post up pics de...haf to wear sexy sexy pyjamas go there and seduce them le..haa.. for more info refer to AH BER's BLOG ba.. wan an da jia..

Short note: The feeling of being wooed is veri shiok... free bluetooth earpiece..free battery....ahhaha... but i still prefer being single..dont ya agree??

With Love, 2:34 PM

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