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Saturday, April 15, 2006'♥


Been busy these few days... miting frens... go chill out..chat abt lives everything..although im tired..but im happy.. coz i met alot of frens these few days..i find that FRENS are the most impt ppl in life after family..dont u agree?

When ur heartbroken..they are there... when ur happy..they are there to share ur joy...when u need help..they are there too....no matter wad occassion..happy or sad..frens are there... sometimes they are even better than ur BF or GF...

Well...of coz we haf to accommodate to each other.. becoz everyone got diff characters...diff tempers... sometimes there might be disagreement..but sometimes yi ren rang yi bu..wouldnt the world be a nicer place? Humble pies doesn't taste good.. but someone eventually haf to take it.. coz that is wad frenship are for?? if u cherish this friendship.. if u still want repect ur fren... wad is a humble pie?? correct??

Haha of coz.. now i dun haf any disagreement wit frens la.. tat is from my past experience u know? As we grow older..we get more such experiences.. its an important lesson if life...i tink everyone haf to go thru it..

Alrite enough of all the philosophy...let mi show u my precious now ba...

Hehe i finally bought it.. at a veri cheap price u know.. less than 100 and someone sponsored mi for 20 bucks..so in every sense i ZHUAN DAO LE...wohooo...

Hao le today gonna be a busy day for mi again... EASTER SERVICE wor... gonna be a bunny haha no la.. i tink ppl will run away if they see tat..lol...hao ba..lao niang gt to go le...anyway

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY..MS Han...enjoy ur batam trip wit ur MR C wor... and remember my MANDI LURLUR hahah....

short note: i tink im ready ....

With Love, 12:33 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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