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Saturday, April 08, 2006'♥

Ben And Jerry's Ice-cream

Im sooooooooo jealous of someone now.. she onli said that she feel like eaintg Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream and she got it..and that person is none other than MS HAN..who is happily in love now..

Haiz i oso feel like eaing Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia... WHY ?? WHY nobody buy for mi.. haiz tong ren bu tong ming...

Ah nash msned mi and said "hmm this brand ice-cream is nice." When he saw my msn pic..then i asked him "U want to buy for mi??" sobz..he JITAO reply " I buy.. i eat..then giv u the cup"...WALAO.. with frens like these u dun need enemies lor..jiatao peng man.. u better dun let mi see u.. dun forget i know ur full CHINESE NAME HOR..'threaten look'

Now i can onli see the pic and hua mei zhi ke... sobz sobz....

With Love, 2:42 PM

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