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Saturday, March 11, 2006'♥

Silent Love.....

原来 by 林俊杰


Finally its Sat le.. a day i hoped for since i started working in Cr Ops. '_'||.. Summarise briefly ba...my job deals wit Creit card applications and oso Chq application.. so everyday i will haf tonnes of forms to check and sometimes tution fee and computer loan application..

Whatever it is.. im happy tat im going to be there until next mon..and im back to my home sweet home le.. i missed my colleauges there and my nice nice the table.. maybe its becoz when u change to a diff working place u will miss the previous one ba.. Onli two weeks and i heard that there are some changes there..Someone asked for a transfer and someone got promoted .. well whatever i just hope things will be better there ba...

I seldom got the time to sit down and chat wit my parents.. coz either i came home veri late if not i shut myself in my room wit my computer.. so today is one FINE DAY where the three of us sat down and ate lunch together..

Mama was complaining that her leg is painful...ask her go checkup she scare these and that.. maybe she is afraid of the medical bills ba.anyway Mama's fren called her and asked her to go ktv.. she is so happy..but daddy dun quite approved coz her leg has been aching the past few months.. and daddy said her singing sux hahahah.. ask her dont go and scare the ppl there.. walao how humourous can my daddy be.. mama of coz proved him wrong by singing a song..and both of them keep saying they sing better...until i haf to warn them that our window is nt veri strong might break anytime.. GUESS i got the humourous GENES from my daddy ba..haha..

THAT IS THEIR KIND OF LOVE... they always nv said out abt their feelings for each other.. although they cared.. maybe my daddy is ganster last time so must prove HIS TOUGH FRONT.. but when he see my mama leg pain he helped wit the housework..he keep helping her to rub medicated oil..and daddy is faithful since he got married.. tat is one thing im veri sure..we all knew tat in the past he got alot of women but ever since he got married he's been faithful..

Compare to our love life now... our love is so fragile..one day we loved the person so much, one day we broke off.. wads all these "I love u" and "I miss u" going around.. we heard these too often that we sometimes wonder is it for real?? ppl in the past treated I LOVE U veri seriously while ppl now... who oso can say...Wads with the promises and in the end it nv happen at all.. DUn go saying all these stuffs if u dun mean it.. coz its reali breaking the heart of the person be it a ger or its a guy...

So the next time when u say I LOVE YOU.. ask urself do u realli love the person or is it just making the person happy??

Short note: I saw the ad on STAR IDOL..tmd why is CHENGXI out.. stupid competition they voted out the best actor first is ALICIA and now CHENGXI.. i cant believe that LEO still can stay for so long..im fainting le seriously.. now onli KAO ADRIANO in campus superstar le.. he is so cute ..

KAOZ y am i talking like a fourteen yrs old so supportive of all these gong gong contest??

With Love, 12:49 PM

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