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Thursday, March 23, 2006'♥


Actually i dun feel like blogging today de.. super no mood these few days.. BAD WEATHER ba.. well anyway..today i went out wit someone..


THAT guy above is none other than MR LAO CHEK.. aka Paul aka Fabian.. ..so long nv mit him le..today he tired to act SI BOON lor..wear Specs everytime copy mi de lei... nv see one month plus le and its like three yrs nv see.. omg did i said that out from my mouth?? lol IMPOSSIBLE.. anyway the last time i saw him was when we go JB together..time flies...

OF coz he mit mi got MOTIVE DE LA.. coz i wanted to pass him the T-shirt i bought for him in BKK ma.. so we went for our prata session below my BLK.. the waiter there forever make mistake in the orders..and FYI if u all like to go "M***Y coffeeshop pls ask them count the money in front of u..one by one..they like to overcharge customers.. of coz i nt sure its ALL anot..but most i went is like dat de.. one teh talik can cost 1.00 and after ten mins we order another one is 1.20 le.. power hor.. anyway lao chek is veri generous de.. he dun ke si yi xiang..so he guai guai de pay up..haiz

Then we stayed and chatted.. ya he is forever so LAME... and thanks to the sms u sent mi today... it realli makes mi laugh lor..right when im working.. Ya LAO CHEK is forever my good fren..someone who cheers mi up when im down.. someone who likes to act GAY...


Oh ya did i mention he knew a fifteen yr old ger recently..and i tink the ger GOT ABIT feeling for him ba.. but of coz lao chek is a good guy.. he dun wan his buttock to open flower so he told kinda of reject her ba and i was sitting there listening to their conversation.. trying hard nt to laugh.. lao chek i better la..dun take someone 10 yrs younger than u ok..YE HUA CAI GOU LE JIU HUI JIA BA...

Lol anyway i did enjoy myself today..its been days since i LAUGH UTNIL SO HAPPILY le.. lol.. remember MICKEY MOUSE HOR xie xie...

How come im always surrounded wit ppl who like to bet on socceer huh?? one is like dat.. the other two oso like dat..diaoz nan dao wo de ming zhe me DAI SAI??

With Love, 11:59 PM

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