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Monday, March 27, 2006'♥


We are often so busy wit lives.. rushing here and there.. without realising another day haf gone just like dat.. We become practical, impatient.. do things that onli benefits us.. and pissed off wit so many little things easily..

A simple greeting like "hello.. how are u..." seems so fake.. we became robots which wore a fake SMILE.. wearing a mask every single day.. we got to know ppl's life through others.. through their blogs...

Today haf not been a good day for mi.. early in the morning receive a phone call.. tat spoilt my mood for the whole day.. sometimes i wonder... y cant some ppl.. think before they act?? haiz..

And got home from dinner.. my MR A dunno eat wad pill wrongly.. jealous of something which wont happen haiz..

Wo zhen de bei zhe niang ke nan ren gao luan le... MEN are forever MEN...Dun realli understand wad they realli wan...haiz..

The onli good thing today is My beloved colleauges.. Milk.. Aminah and Rohana.. all MACIK..i mean aunties treated mi to BALITHAI for my farewell lunch..sad man.. but they realli spent quite alot.. can forsee more to come wor.. hehe..

Oh ya got the sudden craving to listen to classical music..and i feel my mood more peaceful le.. so next time ur stress go listen.. Beethoven 5th Symphony and Mozart 40th Symphony.. ESP ALL THE MEN.. U GUYS NEED IT MAN!!!...haha

With Love, 7:46 PM

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age Forever 21


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