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Thursday, March 02, 2006'♥

Dear Blog...

Pls allow SEE XUE LI aka LAO NIANG to take a few days off from blogging.. Bo pian too sianz in SG le.. so im going to BKK for some time of vacation with a few of my dearest frens..im srry tat during this period i wont be able to blog.. but i promise TONNES of pictures from BKK.. their toilets, rubbish bin etc..

With effect from 2 Mar to 6 Mar 2006. Please take care ok all my dear frens.. will miss u de.. dun expect too much stuffs from mi coz laoniang already BROKE.. get it?? anyway dun anyhow call mi although i got AUTO ROAMING hahah..so if u get my calls means ur LUCKY ok str away chiong go buy 4D hor..

Meanwhile.. if u are realli damn sian..

Read my previous entry if ur a guy... if ur a ger.. read last yr April entries ba.. got all those lovey dovey love stories.. but remember dun read AUG de.. coz its sour sour de love stories..

Alrite.. Laoniang got to go le.. Bye bye SING KA POR.. Bye Bye my bei bei..and bye bye MR BULLSHIT... MR A... XH.. TUPPERWARE... CHELSIA... BC.. pai ming bu fen xian hou

With Love, 5:05 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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