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Sunday, March 12, 2006'♥

The Age group

When u are young u hope to grow up.. u hate ppl calling u xiao mei mei.. u wan to grow up to be successful, to have money.. to be able to go out and haf fun wit ur frens..u wan to wear that beautiful wedding gown going down the aisle wit ur frv guy from the class...BUT....

When u reached the age.. u realised growing up isnt tat fun at all...U miss ur primary sch teacher.. u miss ur primary sch playmates.. u miss the carefree life..everyday onli play, slp and a small portion for study.. u miss watching cartoons, u miss buying the bus stamp....not to mention the part abt wearing the wedding gown seems so far away from u...

Growing up is like drinking a cup of lime juice.. sour than sweet.. u began to haf problems.. u need to plan ur life.. u need to be decisive.. u need to manage ur money well.. everyone always said the same thing..."If onli we can go back to the past".. "If onli i didnt do that"....IF onli...u realised that u need to been tru all these problems then to find the sweetness of the growing u part...

U realised there are alot of things which u cant tolerate..u find them CHILDISH.. like watching young ah lians and ah bengs..shouting across in the coffeeshop.. watching ppl fight.. setting ringtones which is so loud on the phone.. all these look so BULLSHIT to u...But anyway u haf done all that when ur young isnt it?? Is it that they are childish or is it tat ur old?? well y am i talking abt all these??

Yst BC drove mi to Hj's grandma funeral after church.. ya wanna thank him for waiting for mi for one and a half hours.. no no no not my fault.. becoz church ended late.. So here we are in the car.. not onli we two la..after tat got ERIC, Kelvin they all.. i realised tat we can clique veri well..even though we seldom mit.. and we were laughing throughout the whole journey..

Reached the wake..and we were seated in one table.. then afterr awhile.. Amos, elisha, Jean they all came.. so i moved on to talked to them..then i realised.. i was practically SITTING DOWN THERE STONING... no topics to talk abt lei.. they talked abt their sch.. their jamming sessiong.. all those kiddy stuffs..then i slowly moved back to my own table...

BC laughed at mi.. "U see la.. so old liao still wan go sit wit youngsters, make u older there.. sit wit us ur youngest u dun wan..gei kiang la.." -__- I feel so sad lor seriously.. y am is old le..and i cant believe tat im 22 this yr..SO FAST LEI..my cg got alot of young kids i oso cant stand them.. wad is HAPEENING TO MI?? wo yao yun le.. where is tat young Shirley??

Orite la.. at least i got buttock who is ard the same age as mi..and we can clique super well.. one of them is DAI SAI HAN...yeah miting her for another round of shopping coz tat day veri bu shuang ma.. going suntec hmm sure veri crowded de..coz of IT FAIR.. but too bad we are not going coz we poor ppl lei.. hehe..

Hao ba..post up some pics for u all to see ba..

Laoniang new specs wor..

My one and onli BU BU ZAI.. she is so cute hor.. Gan ma miss u dear...

My baby weisi.. oops nt baby anymore she grow up le.. 4 1/2 years old le hor.. tats wad she said

Short note: I realli love kids.. pls dun tell mi kids are not cute if not ur head will roll....

With Love, 12:00 PM

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