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Thursday, February 09, 2006'♥


B told mi tat.. if u can remember a person without remembering the emotions attached to it.. that means u have suceeded in forgetting tat person..and u all can remain as frens.. can u do tat??

For the past two days im literally spending my time outside..and seriously its so tiring and oso a big hole to my pocket.. how i missed my home.. my homecooked food..not to mention my baby weisi..

Well.. lets start wit yst ba..Met up wit DAVID sao.. siang lai eh?? Joweyn lor.. although they nt officially together.. but i tink soon la.. first time mit her wor.. ya she is veri friendly wor..so we went shopping around BV.. srry if i look abit sian.. coz just finish work ma.. then no money oso la.. haha.. but anyway glad tat at least u managed to buy some stuffs...

We ate at the food court at BV.. while waiting for DAVID da ge.. and lena they all.. well tks for the treat ger.. Lena finally reached le.. wit MR K they all.. and so basically we sat down there one hr plus to chat and LA KOPI.. ahem.. ya fun chatting wit them..

Mr Bullshit was complaining abt his gong gong wisodm tooth aching.. and today he went for the op.. haha 400plus lor so ex.. and his whole face was swollen.. so cuteeeeee.. and when he called mi and talked.. his voice so funni..great.. now he cant scold mi ..onli i can suan him..yippie

Today went for bs wit ban chuan.. then went home.. sian im so pissed off wit the agency lor.. everyone got their pay le and i havent.. argggghh..when i need it de most.. im soooooo poooor poooooor ppooooooor.. who wan donate some money to mi?? tmd..

Tmr will be a busy day lor.. going to rush here and there..i cant imagine the farecard charges.. haiz.. going back to bishan.. collect COM cert..rushed down Tam mit Selyn they alll.. go TP apply courses.. hopefully this time successful.. and then rush to tiong bahru for cg.. wa.. i tink i better slp early tonite lor..sian..

Chatting wit MR A now.. tks for reading my BLOG so SECRETLY hor.. kns.. dun always come here ji siao mi hor.. haha..

To those who read my blog..kindly drop a few lines in the tagboard lor.. i didnt know my blog spread sooooooo far le ..tks..

Looking forward to SAT.. JB JB JB .. citysquare here we go......

I still remember u wit emotions attached....

With Love, 9:50 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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