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Friday, February 10, 2006'♥


Arggghh.. so f***king pissed with the agency.. till now laoniang still havent receive my stupid pay.. tmd.. tmr going JB asked mi eat GRASS is it?? super angry lor..then called that gonggong..always in meeting.. the pay better come tmr if not i swear i will burn down the stupid agency.. tupperware i know u got kerosene rite?? might kiam siap borow mi ba....

Got this from the frenster horoscope..which is often true for mi...

Obstacles are appearing left and right. Be flexible -- you can maneuver around them.

Yes and i believe tat later when i go poly or go ITE collect my cert sure alot of problems.. NVM i will overcome it ONE BY ONE.. laoniang wont be so easily da bai de.. tmd..

I tink i better go wash up le.. long long journey back to BISHAN.. i missed my school so much.. but too bad no time to find all the teachers today..

Wish me all the best ba...

With Love, 9:16 AM

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