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Saturday, February 18, 2006'♥


Got a jing bao news for u all.. finally MAC Milk Shake is back.. after around ten yrs of waiting.. tmd im so damn happy.. since young i loved it alot lor..so guys who want to make mi happy buy CHOC MILK SHAKE FOR MI ..and i WILL LOVE U LOTS LOTS hahah..

Was telling all my colleagues abt it.. then i said i felt like drinking today.. suddenly two of my colleagues bought tat for mi after their lunch.. so i got two milkshake damn touched lei..i onli say say nia..

Had my first breakthrough today.. i LED worship in Cellgroup.. omg i was damn nervous.. until i left out one whole stanza for the first song...Thank GOD.. second song was better.. lol..but it was a good experience..and u realli need to coordinate wit the guitarist veri well.. thanks JAMES for the encouragement..haha...

Tmr is Sockfang's ROM..gongxi gongxi.. but i tink i cant be attending ur ROM bu hao yi si.. i need to go back office clear some stuffs.. but i wish u eternal happy wit ur qing ai de laogong...

ALSO.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MR BULLSHIT.. 25 years old liao lei...PLS dun be so ji duan anymore hehe

Show u the GUESS watch i aiming now.. but then i tink not so soon la.. or maybe never.. might need to buy hp first.. coz my hp super lao ya now.. haiz.. money again... sianz..

Swee boh.. i fell in love when i first saw it..damn.. looking for sponsors now.. pls dial my hotline to donate to my FUND.. thank you for your cooperation.. of coz u buy for mi i will LOVE U MORE MORE than the MILKSHAKE hahaha..

With Love, 12:43 AM

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